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Wiper Motor Replacement

Suketu Mehta
Due to rusting, a wiper motor can stop functioning. That is when you know it is time for a wiper motor replacement. This story will help you with that aspect.
The wiper plays a very important role to clear the windshield, especially when it is raining. Due to moisture, its motor can get spoiled and stop functioning due to rusting of the connections. You may notice the blades coming to a halt abruptly while in motion, indicating that there is a problem somewhere.
Another sign could be that the blades do not come back to their set position, when you turn them off. This calls for a replacement job. It is a fairly simple procedure, which can be done by following instructions given here.
Tools Needed
  • A new wiper motor
  • Wrench
  • Fused jump wire
  • Test light
  • Screwdriver

Replacement Procedure

Follow the steps as instructed:


  • To start the job, you need to figure out the exact location of the motor.
  • Normally, it is found to be between the driving compartment and car engine.
  • In case you are unable to locate it, refer to the car manual, which will give you the exact location.
  • After that, take a fused jumper wire, and go around the relay.
  • Place one end of the wire on the motor, and fix the other end with the positive battery terminal.

Test Before Replacement

  1. The positive lead wire on the jumper wire needs to be in contact with the positive battery terminal.
  2. Examine the gear mechanism present in the assembly.
  3. If it does not function, go further ahead.

Grounding Strap

  • Use your car manual to find out where the grounding strap is located inside your car.
  • One end of the strap is fixed to either of the bolts, while the other end is joined with the case.
  • Use a wrench, and remove the bolts holding the strap at both the places.
  • Take out the ground strap to protect it from any possible damage.
  • Also, remove all remaining bolts, and slowly pull out the washer from the engine compartment.

Actual Fixing

  1. Take the new piece, and push it into the engine compartment from where you took out the old one.
  2. Fix it in position by tightening connecting nuts and screws.
  3. While tightening nuts, ensure you do it in a star pattern for the motor to be in level with the firewall.
  4. Reconnect the grounding strap you previously removed.

Testing after Replacement

  1. To test whether the new one is functioning properly or not, repeat the fused jumper wire process stated earlier.
  2. If it does not work properly, it is faulty and will have to be changed.
  3. Try operating it from the driver's console as well.

Tips and Warnings

  1. Ensure that the wiper arms are stationary before you start the task.
  2. To protect your car and reduce chances of damage on the car paint, cover it with a fender cover.
  3. Before starting the replacement procedure, you must always examine the fuse.
  • During the removing or installing process, be careful and avoid causing damage to the threads on the mount bolt. Also, do not cross the mounting nuts.
  • There may be certain specifications pertaining to the particular car model you own. For this purpose, keep your car manual with you to make work easier.
Modern vehicles have a windshield washer which helps in maintaining clean windshields. The best part about a windshield washer is that you can use it even while you are driving.
The total cost depends on your car model and the cost of your replacement product. The average price ranges between $230 to $310. Ensure you buy a genuine and trusted brand. Since you will be performing the task yourself, you are sure to save on labor charges, which you would have otherwise paid to a mechanic.