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Wiper Arm Removal

Saptakee Sengupta
Wiper arm removal and re-installation is easy and can be done at home if you can sharpen your mechanical skills a bit. This story gives you a tactical method to do the same.
Wiper arms can be damaged, broken or the pivot could become loose sometimes. Replacing these can be easy depending on the nature of the damage and the type of vehicle. You can forgo the expenses of repair and re-installation if you know how to carry out the technique yourself.

Removal of the Arms

Before you start the repair process, it is highly advisable to pay attention to the spring arm in the wiper. Let it sit against the windshield so that it doesn't crack it. Check out the following steps.
  • To prevent misalignment of the wiper arm, ensure that it is off the position.
  • Either open the hood of the vehicle or keep it closed before you start the removal, depending on the point of attachment of the arm.
  • The arms are usually attached at the bottom of the base to the spindled arbors. You can take them out with the help of a flat-head screwdriver.
  • Check for the windshield washer nozzle attachment and hose. If this arrangement is attached with the arm assembly, then unclip the nozzle from the assembly. With the flat screwdriver, once again remove the hose gently from the channel below the wiper.
  • You can avoid this step by removing the nozzle if it's not attached with the assembly and directly skip to the next point.
  • Locate the nut that holds the arm to the base. The attachment varies from vehicle to vehicle. Sometimes there's a protective cap on the hinged cover on the base of the arm. Take the cap out, remove the hinge base upward and let the nut reveal itself. Carry out this process with the help of a pry tool, socket or drive ratchet.
  • Next you have to take off the arm from the spindled arbor to install the new one. Do this carefully and gently. The spring can snap and break the windshield if too much pressure is applied.
  • Now install the new arm over the arbor and tighten the nut with the help of a socket screw driver.
  • Replace the nozzle and the hose if they are a part of the removal process.
  • Now test if the wiper is working properly or not. Ensure that it doesn't over extend to the windshield. Adjust the cap or hinged cover, or replace it if needed.

Removal Cost

The cost depends on the type of vehicle, quality of the wiper arm and also the tools required to fit them. The cost of rear, windshield, and adjustable wipers is approximately about US$ 500. The cost of the product also varies depending on the company and product quality.
Get the right tools from the market and follow the repair techniques to do it by yourself. If you own a vehicle, you should also learn the basics of repair. This prevents the expenditure of repair and is a great way to take care of your vehicle by yourself.