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Windshield Wiper Arm Replacement

Omkar Phatak
If you are looking for instructions to replace a windshield wiper arm, then you have landed on the right page. Here, we provide you with a short guide about the same.
A car's windshield is your main navigation portal while driving and the wiper mechanism is designed to make sure that your visibility is maintained through any kind of weather. When this mechanism fails, driving can be really difficult and dangerous.
The importance of having fully-functional windshield wipers can only be realized, when it's pouring like hell and the mechanism fails due to broken or bent wiper arms. However, if you get the arm replaced soon, you can save yourself from potential problems of driving with low visibility.

Working Mechanism

Knowing how windshield wipers work can be helpful while repairing them. So, let me just briefly explain their working mechanism. It is quite ingeniously designed and is based on the use of gears and a motor. The periodic oscillation of the wiper blades is made possible, by the torque provided by the motor, which is fed through a gear mechanism. The arm and blades are designed in such a way, that they can scrub off the maximum amount of windshield expanse and guarantee sustained visibility to the driver, in any conditions.
The reason for damage to the arm, can be any kind of obstruction that inhibits its movement. Most of times, the culprit behind the failure, is deposition of excess snow or ice in winter. The distortion and bending caused in the arm, renders the whole mechanism dysfunctional.
The only way out is swift replacement. The replacement procedure is quite straightforward and easy enough for anybody to pull it off.

Replacement Procedure

Here, I provide generic instructions for the replacement of windshield wipers. The details may vary a bit but will mostly be the same for any car model.

Tools Needed

The tools that you need to fix this car problem, are the least that are required for any car job. All you need is a screwdriver and a set of sockets of appropriate sizes.

Buying a Replacement

You will have to buy an appropriate replacement for your car windshield, that matches the dimensions of the old one. The styles for wipers may change with different models. Make sure that you get the right-sized one for your car. When you are replacing, it is a good practice to replace both arms, in case your car has a pair.

How to Remove the Arms?

Now that you are equipped with tools, you may begin by removing the old arm first. Make sure that the control switch is in 'off ' position. Look for a cover at the bottom of the arms, which houses the attachment bolt for each wiper. Remove this cover, to expose the underlying bolt. Using the appropriate size socket, remove the bolt and place it somewhere carefully. After the bolt is removed, the arm will come off, with some effort.

How to Replace Them?

Next part is replacing the arm with a new one. You must place the new one, in exactly the same position, as the old one and fix the bolt back again, using the socket. Fix the arm properly, with the right orientation. Repeat this procedure for the other arm. Test the working of both.
With that, your replacement job is done. Compared to bigger car repair jobs, just replacing arms, is considerably simpler. A timely replacement will ensure that you are guaranteed sustained visibility, while driving in rain or an impending snowstorm.