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Windshield Scratch Repair

Medha Godbole
A windshield must be repaired as soon as the glass gets a scratch. You can do this yourself or take your car to a professional.
Sometimes, due to rough weather or other unforeseen circumstances, the windshield of our cars get scratched. The initial scratch may be small, but if care is not taken to remove it, then it may turn out to be a major problem later. To avoid this, you should always check the windshield regularly and make sure that there are no scratches on it.

How to Repair a Windshield Scratch

Determining the Type of Scratch

You would know whether the scratch can be repaired or not by rubbing it with your fingernail. If it feels smooth when you run your fingernail over the glass, then it is a surface scratch. On the contrary, if your fingernail gets stuck in it, consider that the scratch is pretty deep and the whole windshield may have to be changed.

Using a Repair Kit

  • Buy a do-it-yourself glass repair kit. This way, there would be no need to hire a professional for fixing a minor scratch. You would get that kit in nearby auto repair shop.
  • Clean the windshield with soap and water or any good glass cleaning solution thoroughly. See to it that there is no speck of dust on the glass.
  • Then, rinse and wipe it dry prior to you trying to fix the glass.
  • Apply a glass rubbing compound on the scratch, which will be there in the repair kit. It will resemble a toothpaste.
  • Spray water on the scratch covered by the compound.
  • Use a soft cloth and rub the compound in. Make sure that you do it gently and with care.
  • Let the compound dry, which will take around 30 minutes.

Using a Polishing Disk

  • You would need to get hold of duct tape, distilled water, wash cloth, and a polishing disk for accomplishing this task.
  • Use distilled water only, as it will remove the abrasions in the glass.
  • If you have any paintwork on the windshield, cover it to prevent it from getting spoiled.
  • Clean the glass gently using a soft cloth soaked in distilled water in circular motions.
  • Now this gets interesting. Make a dam using the duct tape on the windshield.
  • Stick a side of the duct tape on the windshield.
  • Get another strip of tape same in size as the first one and stick the two pieces of tape together, sticky sides.
  • Do the same over, only that it should be horizontal.
  • We did this because we want to ensure the best use of water and to avoid spilling it.
  • Connect a polishing disc to the buffing machine.
  • Gently buff the damaged area after making sure that the machine is working properly.
  • There would be no ripples or damage on the glass.
  • Get rid of the duct tape now and clean the windshield along with all other tools used.
At the end of the day if you know this, you are surely going to save a buck or two. You need to remember that getting rid of scratches might take a while, so be patient.