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Windshield Fluid Not Coming Out

Mamta Mule
The windshield of your car is the main element affecting visibility while driving. However, if the mechanism which gets the washer fluid onto the windshield fails, it would mean a dirty, fogged, and unclear view. Get some tips on troubleshooting this problem.
Driving your car, you try to look through the windshield, but can't get a clear view. To clear the dust off, you pull a knob to squirt fluid on it. You pull it once again, but it still remains blurred or unclear. This is when you realize that you are having trouble with the windshield fluid not coming out. That definitely frustrates you, and you start wondering what's wrong. This car problem can be caused due to various reasons. Here are a few things to check, in order to find a solution.

Check the Motor Sound

If you hear a humming sound after you turn on the windshield washer, the motor is working. However, if the sound is missing, you would need to open the bonnet, and check the fuse. If it is blown, just replace it, and check again. In case the fuse is not blown, and the motor is not making any sound, you need to call a mechanic to probably replace the washer motor.

Check the Reservoir

The first step you need to take, while finding a solution to the problem, is to check the reservoir. If the level of fluid is low, or if the reservoir is empty, you just need to add the windshield fluid. Wondering how to add the washer fluid? Just open the cap, and pour it until the reservoir fills to the top. You can either use a bottle with a small opening, or use a funnel so as to avoid spilling. Close the cap to finish the job.

Check the Fluid

Although the wiper fluid that you use is resistant to freezing, extreme cold climate can cause complete freezing. Firstly, you need to start the engine, and park your car in a closed garage for a day.
This will ensure that it is at least above freezing temperature. Once the fluid liquidizes again, drain it out completely. Now, open the cap of the reservoir, and pour a specially formulated antifreeze along with some fresh windshield fluid.

Check the Nozzle

During the car-waxing procedure, excess of wax may get clogged in the nozzle. This might be blocking the windshield fluid. You can insert a needle into the opening of the nozzle, and help clear the clog. Do this for a few times, and check whether the fluid is coming out. If it isn't, try the option mentioned next.

Check the Line

Take a can of compressed air, hold it against the nozzle, and blow, to remove any obstruction. Now, remove the tube from the lower part of the nozzle, and blow air to remove any debris. Check all joints of the tube, remove whichever you can, and blow compressed air through each section until you find a clog. Now, reconnect all of them, and check.
Next time you notice the problem, you shall be well-acquainted with all the aforementioned checkpoints. Make sure you do not ignore any problem related to the wipers, as these are much essential for a safe drive. Keep cleaning the windshield, and make sure you check the fluid levels before you set out for a long drive.