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Window Tint Removal Procedure

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Removing window tint is quite a tricky task, and should be done carefully by using the correct equipment. For car window tint removal, concentrated ammonia solution is usually used to loosen the adhesive. Here's more...
Window tint wears off and/or deteriorates over a period of time. If you notice any of the signs, like bubbling of the tint or purpling of the film, then you can consider changing the tint.
Appearance of bubbles in the film indicates that the adhesive is not working anymore, while fading of the tint to purple color is due to failure of the non-metallic dyes.
In both the cases, the window tint looks very unsightly and requires replacement. The task in not as difficult as you think, provided it is done in the right way. If you proceed gently, you can succeed in removing the tint at one go, rather than taking it out in strips.

Required Material

You will be using concentrated ammonia solution for removing the tint of a car window. So, it is advisable to wear safety gear, like hand gloves and face mask, so as to protect yourself from getting exposed to ammonia fumes. You need the following material:
  • Concentrated ammonia solution
  • Glass cleaner
  • Glue or adhesive remover
  • Soapy water (use household detergent solution)
  • Black garbage bags (large size)
  • Fine steel wool
  • New razor blade or scrapper blade
  • Absorbent paper towels


Select a bright sunny day for doing this task, so that you can ensure quick treatment effect and easy removal of the tint. Also, park the car in such a way that the window faces the sun. Now proceed...

Step 1

First of all, cut the black trash bag and place it over the window (from the outside) that you are planning to remove. Also, make sure that the plastic sheet covers the window fully. Spray the soapy solution by using a hair sprayer, and smoothen the plastic sheet from the center to the outside.

Step 2

The plastic sheet absorbs sunlight and heats up the window tint, thus allowing easy removal of the film. If you are removing the rear window tint, do not forget to protect the inner side of the window by using a waterproof tarp. Then, spray the undiluted ammonia solution over the film.

Step 3

Before the ammonia solution dries out, cover the window with another plastic sheet (cut trash bag). As the plastic sheet heats up the tint, the ammonia helps in loosening the glue or the adhesion. Leave it like this for about 30 minutes. You can use a fan in order to speed up the process.

Step 4

The next step is to peel the film from one corner. Before that, moisten the tint by spraying ammonia solution. You can make use of a razor blade to lift up the tint from the corner. Following this, peel off the tint gently to remove it in one piece.

Step 5

After removal of the tint, clean off the residual adhesives by using the ammonia solution and the steel wool. Use the absorbent paper towel to pat it dry. Remove the plastic sheets and/or trash bag sheets from the window. Finally, clean the window glass with the glass cleaner.