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Why Donate a Used Car?

Roy D'Silva
If you have decided to do something good, consider donating a used car. There are many reasons to donate a used car, and here, we tell you some of them.
What do you do of old stock when you have got new stock? This question especially arises the most in cars and other apparatus that take up a lot of space. Well, here's an answer to this perpetual question, it's another question actually, but still, ever heard of donation?
Donating a car, or any used artifact in the house, is a good idea. First of all, it offers free cleaning and clearing out of the place. People you donate your car to will be only too happy to actually clean up the car, and even the place where it was parked in the garage.

Why donate?

Because everyone hates seeing a good thing going to the cleaners because it is no longer being used. If you are not comfortable with donating it to an outsider or an institution, you can always donate it to some family member or relative, even your younger sibling or children!
While the old car may be a useless piece of junk to you, it will surely be a matter of pride for them. For one, they get a car for free, and for two, someone they truly love has given it to them.
Because selling the car to someone does not make sense. For one, the money you will get will not be able to buy gas for your new car for even a month. For two, selling it to a garage will only see your car being ripped and used to replace spare parts in other cars. Not exactly the other best place you see for your beloved car.
Because there are many genuine and sincere institutions that could take a lot of help from others. Donating a car would mean a lot of help for any institution. You can also think about donating your car to an orphan's or an old people's house. That car will surely be the next best thing they had in a long while.
Of course, do the necessary research before opting to donate a car to anybody outside the family or an institution. You can also drop by at the place now and then to check whether your donation has gone waste or is being used in the right way by the right people.
If you have decided to donate for a cause, the Internet is the best place to look for the right people. Be it money or a car. Feel free to do a search on the Internet. There are many genuinely needy individuals out there, who may just start believing that humanity is still alive somewhere when they see your old car landing at their doorstep one day.