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Who Drives Better - Men or Women?

Anuja Marathe Kanhere
So you are trying to find the answer to yet another difficult question? Well read my story to find who are better drivers - men or women?
There has always been a battle over superiority between the sexes. And one of the latest feature of this battle is about driving skills. Yes, we hear about this all the time and it does set us thinking as to who are better drivers?

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The dilemma to come up with the most appropriate answer persists all the time as there is a difference in point of view. My story will help you decide who are better drivers - Men or Women.

Male Vs. Female Drivers: The Never-ending Debate

Men Say "Women Drive Us Nuts!"

With due credit to the fact that majority of vehicle drivers around the world happen to be men, I have to start with the men's version of the story.
  • Out of general etiquette developed over centuries, it is the men who dominate the driver's seat whenever couples plan to take a ride. However, plenty of men blame women to be over cautious drivers.

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You will see women who drive at an unnecessarily slow pace on highways when there is plenty of scope to gear up and move on a bit faster.
  • Women tend to forget the basic necessity of locking the car door before they start driving.
  • As far as inventions pertaining to cars are concerned, women tend to rate their car's seat belt at the 'numero uno' position.
  • On the road, you will find most of the women driving in the right side slow lanes or on the green belts. They tend to accelerate their car but will often end up slamming the brakes at random or periodically. 
Women also have tendency to turn around a curb without giving any intimation through taillights to drivers close behind them.
  • Most women are unable to cope up with the mental stress of speeding up their own car when the driver behind them is trying to push them into speeding the car. And yes, women tend to honk the horns a lot and quite unnecessarily.
  • Male drivers seldom prefer to be seated in the passenger seat when their spouse is at the wheel. But in rare cases, when they have no options, they find that women rarely check the rear view mirror. For them, rear view mirrors are useful for adding perfect makeup retouches.
  • Women also have a habit of picking up things from the dashboard and using cell phone while driving on the fast lanes.
  • Most men unanimously state that women are worst at parking their cars.
Whoa.... that was quite an accusation! Now, let's see what the fairer sex has to say.

Women Say "Men are Reckless Drivers!"

You need not start forming your opinions after reading just what men had to say. Women have a different version of the story.
    • Women who take a backseat while their partners are in the driver's seat have often come up with some terrifying tales of rash driving from men. Men have often been seen speeding up unnecessarily even when it is not required.
    • With a few exceptions of men who treat their cars as their first love, most of the male drivers tend to drive their vehicles in the same speed even when they cross speed bumps. Male drivers need to be calmed down every now and then by their spouses so that they do not cross the speeding limits.
    • Further, these cravings to speed up cannot be controlled by men even during heavy rains. Women are often known to take credit for saving their partners from paying up for a speeding ticket.
    • Men tend to get all the more aggressive when they hit the highways increasing the chances of loss of control over the car, head-on collisions and roll overs. This is because men have an incorrigible habit of taking fellow drivers for granted.
    • Men tend to drive the cars back-to-back, thereby avoiding to leave prescribed space between the two cars.
    • Men are also twice as likely as women to drive the car when they are heavily drunk.
    • Most of the men give no consideration to the colors of the traffic signal. For them, the red and yellow signal is an indication to crawl the car and keep moving, while the green signal is to zoom past all the other cars. It's as if, traffic signals were never meant for men at all. This is because of a characteristic male mentality to compete for the best place all the time.
    So can all the men drivers out there, put the blame on their high levels of testosterone? Women don't think so.

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    Pointing out the best sex to dominate the driving seat is a difficult task. What one can do is take the best points of either sex to improve their own driving skills. After all, there is so much to learn from one another. But this can only be done provided we learn to accept our driving patterns. With all said and done, I can only say that the tug of war will always continue!