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Wheelchair Ramps for Vans

Mamta Mule
Wheelchair ramps for vans are an essential accessory when you have a member with disabilities in your family. Check out the options available in these in the following paragraphs.
Wheelchair ramps are a great alternative for the wheelchair lifts. Wheelchairs are a blessing for the physically challenged individuals who have difficulty moving around. But taking these wheelchairs everywhere might not be possible.
Most commonly it becomes a tough task when there is no alternative ramp for the staircase. While the chair lifts are quite expensive, you can get the wheelchair ramps for vans in lower prices.
Wheelchair ramps for van are a must to transport individuals with disabilities. These come in a number of varieties and qualities. While some need to be fixed and are permanent, others are portable, adding to the convenience. Investing in one such wheelchair ramp for your van is very essential if you have a member with disabilities in your family. So let's move on to know more about the wheelchair ramps for vehicles.

Things To Consider

There are few things to consider while you buy the wheelchair ramps. Picking a type of ramp will depend completely upon your requirements. Different ramps have different weight capacities. Considering the length and width of the ramp is also important. If your vehicle is higher, consider having a longer ramp that will have less steep inclination. Another important thing is the type of ramp.
Do you need permanent, foldable, or a portable ramp? Portable wheelchair ramps are good if you have more than one vehicle. So the portable feature helps you use the same piece for multiple vehicles. Portable ramps are easy to carry and commonly foldable. The bolt on ramp is best if you are searching for semi-permanent ramp.

Types of Ramps

Portable Ramps

The portable wheelchair ramps are great pieces if you are looking for convenience. Though these get minus points for their weight, the same ensures that the piece can carry heavy load and does not break off. The portable ramps are available in single fold and multi-fold options.
If you need a longer ramp, you can go for the multi-fold type. Most of these can also be carried like a suitcase due to their multi-fold design. Roll-up ramps are also a good alternative in this type which have hinges making the folding procedure easier.

Telescoping Ramps

Telescopic ramp, also known as adjustable-length track ramp is another type which you can consider for your van. These can be used for more than average heights or shorter steps as well. You get two different tracks in this set. In this, one track is placed under each wheel for moving the wheelchair in. These are sturdy and provide non-slip surface with a maximum length of 10 inches. These are also portable, though not foldable.

Vehicle-accessible Ramps

These are ramps which are already built in vehicles. There are not many vehicles available in the market with this feature. But some do have ramps already built in their design, so that you don't have to buy or install one. If you are planning to buy a new vehicle, this can be a good option.
These ramps are definitely a 'must have' when there is a person with disabilities in your family. These provide extreme convenience and ease of moving the manual or electric-powered wheelchairs, hence, allowing the person to travel comfortably. So as you plan to have wheelchair ramps for homes, don't forget to have one for your vehicle. You can get the ramp installed at side doors or the rear door of the van.
Usually these are installed at the back if you need to carry heavy objects and move them in using these. Make sure you consider the weight and length required before buying one. Getting a piece made of sturdy material is also important. Checkout various brands and their product lines before finalizing product.