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What to Look While Taking a Test Drive for a Car

Thomas Wright
A test drive is an important part of the car buying process. A test drive can provide you the real feel of the car and help you decide its suitability for you. You should look out for some important factors while taking a test drive before buying a car.


You should plan carefully before buying a used car. You should start by contacting experts like REVS Check to get a detailed car history report for the car which you are considering. This report can be obtained from them by providing the car’s VIN number or registration number and by paying an affordable fee.
The car history report provides information like financial encumbrance, stolen status, odometer readings, details of severe damage, etc. and helps you make a better buying decision.

Before the Test Drive

The test drive for a car starts as soon as you are in the lot. Before you start your test drive you should look for the car’s color. The real-life color may be considerably different from what they appear in photographs. It is recommended to take the test drive during daylight to get a better feel of the color.
You should also check the actual measurements of the car and assess its suitability for you based on the parking space you have. Inspecting the child seat and cargo space are other important considerations that should be on checklist.
While entering the car, you should see the ease of getting in and getting out. As you are seated, it is recommended to check the headspace, legroom for both front and rear passengers, the comfort offered by the seat, seat adjustment features, comfort in adjusting the steering, comfort in reaching out to the pedals, etc.

During the Test Drive

When test driving, your terrain should match your daily commute. If you have to commute on highways daily, insist on taking the car on a test drive to the highway. During driving it is recommended to check features like acceleration and braking systems, steering and handling of the car, and engine performance.
You should check the suspension if it is stiff or soft and does the car ride comfortably in bad roads and rough terrains. During test drive, you must remain non-committal to the sales executive and focus on exploring important features of the car. You can discuss any issues during the test drive with the dealer.

Technology and Related Features

Technology is an integral part of any modern car. It is thus in your best interest to inspect the key technical features in the car before you make final buying decision. You should check the functioning of Bluetooth system by pairing it with your smartphone to test audio streaming and calling.
Smartphone apps like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are installed or not, should be checked if they are important for you to make the final decision. The objective of checking the technology used in the car is to see how comfortable it will make your drive and ride quality.