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What Causes Malfunctioning of Car's Power Windows

Medha Godbole
The windows of our cars can malfunction or not function at all only due to a few problems, most of which you can sort out on your own. Here's how ...
A car window not working can be a really grave problem, especially if the windows are pulled down and now refuse to come up. In this case, your car is left open, with no safety. It is thus, very important for you to acquaint yourself with the basic know-how of a car window's functioning.

Problem #1:

The window moves just a bit before it stops. In this situation, there is a possibility that the switch is creating this problem. A spill or even a little bit of debris will affect the functioning of the switch. This problem can be sorted out by cleaning the switch connection by rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab in the concerned area.

Problem #2

Another common cause is a faulty fuse box. Fuse boxes are normally beneath the dashboard; to be specific, on the left of the steering. In case a fuse has blown off, which can be identified by seeing if the metal strip in its center is broken, then you just have to replace that blown fuse. This part can be purchased from an auto store on from an online store.

Problem #3

If you've checked the switch and the fuse box, and both seem fine, the wiring connecting to the fuse box might be faulty. Check for lose connections; secure them if necessary. Check the windows every time you check a connection, to understand where the problem was.

Problem #4

Finally, if none of these solutions seem to solve the problem, check your car window regulator.
This device controls the movement of the windows. Follow these steps.
  • First, remove the window's door panel, locate the bolts which fix the regulator to the door, and remove them. During this period, the window might have to be lowered manually, for the bolts to be accessed.
  • Get rid of the old regulator by disconnecting the wiring, and replace it with a new one which would be easily available at an auto shop.
  • Now, install the moisture barrier, which would be removed when the panel is removed.
  • Finally, it is important to make sure that the wires are properly connected and fixed, before you close the door panel.
  • Now, engage the power window switch. The new regulator should work properly, resolving the issue.
Last, but not the least, just take a look at the electrical motor of the window for any faults. You would find the motor behind the door panel. Check for lose connections. Last but not the least, check the owner's manual for additional help. This is because each model might have different specifications.