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Water Tank Trailers

Tilottama Chatterjee
Water tank trailers are extremely useful in transporting large quantities of water. Here is some information about these vehicles.
Today, there's a host of water tank trailer models that are available for every purpose and requirement. Whether you need it for a ranch, a farm, for camping, or for any other reason, you will find a trailer to meet your individual demands. These come in various different sizes and capacities, ranging from as low as 100 gallons to upwards of 9000 gallons.
The tank itself can be made of heavy-duty polyethylene, aluminum, or stainless steel among others, all of which ensure longevity and low maintenance. It can be fitted with a pump if necessary, to enable direct usage.
The water pressure can also be adjusted to suit a given purpose from watering plants to concrete slab wetting. These are used not only for farms and ranches, but also by the military and fire fighting forces - particularly for bush fires. The following are some types of trailers that may come in handy.

Portable Trailers

If you wish to transport water in bulk, then a portable trailer is the best. These come in different capacities, and can be attached to a camping trailer or a pickup for convenient towing. Many manufacturers provide facilities to enable a range of functions from pumps of different capacities, hose pipes, and reels, to spraying attachments, taps, and spigots.
If the idea of usage is to store potable water, then investing in a trailer designed specifically for this purpose is a good idea. These tanks are specially treated to prevent algae growth. Others are made from FDA-approved resins that are suitable for water storage. There are also black polyethylene tanks that protect the water from ultra violet rays.


There are a number of uses that a water tank trailer can be put to, some of which are given here.
  • Fire fighting
  • Plant watering along the streets
  • Washing large equipment or containers
  • Spraying down barns and stables
  • Dust control
  • Control of grass fires
  • Concrete slab watering
  • Potable water storage and transportation
  • Camping
When selecting a trailer, asses your needs correctly and choose based on capacity as well as design. It may seem like a good idea to buy a thousand gallon trailer for instance, but if your need is for smaller amounts of water, stagnation within the tank may lead to problems that need to be separately addressed.
Budgetary confinements, should they exist, may also add some restrictions - you could try taking a look at some used trailers. These will be lighter on the pocket, and if in good condition, can last you a while.
For camping aficionados, it may come in handy to understand how to sanitize RV water tanks so that your drinking water is clean and safe. Although most RV's come with their own gray and black water tanks, it may come in handy to understand the best way to deal with drainage and disposal as well as water conservation.
Water tank trailers are both a handy and sensible investment to make. Once you assess your individual needs, do some research about the brands available and the best processes to follow, to ensure that your tank stays tough for years.
Look for the manufacturer's warranty information and shop around for a bit before you settle on a model. In the current scenario, there's something to suit every need.