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Fabulous Facts About Water Powered Cars

Mukulika Mukherjee
Intrigued to know more about the reality of water powered cars? Just go through the water powered car facts given in this post to learn what's exactly behind this revolutionary new concept in the world of automobiles...
The ever rising prices of gasoline and petrol has almost forced us to look for other sources of fuel. Scientists all over the world are working to find a source of fuel that can replace petroleum derivatives, and yet will be efficient and offer the same mileage, if not more.
Besides, the ill effects of using fossil fuels such as gasoline, are too many to be ignored. Gases such as carbon monoxide, released into the atmosphere due to the partial combustion of fossil fuels, are toxic and are harmful to living beings. They get accumulated in the atmosphere and in time, contribute to global warming and depletion of the ozone layer.
Many alternate sources of energy have come up, especially during the past decade or so. Solar energy is one of them and solar cells have been used by scientists to drive cars.
However, this endeavor has not seen much success simply because solar cells alone are not enough to power a car for long. Also, the energy generated by solar cells depends on various factors and hence, is not consistent.
The latest development in this field is a car that supposedly runs on water alone and does not need gasoline or any other source of fuel. Sounds something straight out of a sci-fi flick? Well, no matter how impossible this may sound to us, many experts believe that a water powered car can indeed be a reality.

Facts About Water Powered Cars

Just have look at these water powered car facts and decide for yourself if it is really worth the hype it has generated all over the world.
  • The water powered car was first introduced by a Japanese company, Genepax.
  • This technology has been around for almost 100 years now, but has been kept a secret due to various political factors.
  • The water powered car, in fact, is not powered by water but is powered by HHO gas, which is generated from water.
  • HHO is also known as 'Brown gas' and is formed when electricity is passed through water.
  • A water powered car is effective if it is run on a mixture of water and gasoline.
  • When electric current is passed through water, the chemical bond between hydrogen and oxygen breaks and HHO gas is formed. This is the fuel that powers a water powered car.
  • In a water powered car, the HHO gas is added to the petroleum fuel in your car, using a special device that is quite easy to install. Such a device is termed as a conversion kit.
  • The truth is that it is not plain water that is responsible for powering the car, but the hydrogen present in it.

Facts About Advantages of Water Powered Car

Now, let's see in what all ways you stand to benefit from using a water powered car.
  • Water powered cars have a mileage that is somewhere around 60. This is better than what your ordinary car gives you.
  • A water powered car is environment friendly because of the lesser quantity of poisonous gases in its emissions.
  • Practically, there will be much lesser carbon building up in your car if you choose a water powered car.
  • Another advantage of water powered car is the conservation of fossil fuels. Besides, it is economical.
  • What's interesting is that once you have converted your engine to run on hydrogen, it would require only 4 gallons of distilled water, to last for a year.
  • You'll be glad to know that you may enjoy good tax benefits if you choose to use this environment friendly technology, under the Power Policy Act of 2005.
From the water powered car facts mentioned earlier, we can safely arrive at the conclusion that even though a water powered car may not run entirely on water, it is worth considering for the simple reason that it considerably cuts down the expenses on fuel.
Besides, who doesn't want to contribute to a greener and safer planet, in his own little way? So, let's wait till all the controversy surrounding the concept dies down, and this wonder car gets officially launched in the market.