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A Guide to Choosing Very Cheap Electric Scooters

Shrinivas Kanade
You have parked your vehicle a few blocks away from your favorite mall to reach the shop. If while walking those few blocks you thought about there being alternate options to your car, then read up about very cheap electric scooters.
Electric scooters are preferred because of their low operating cost and simplicity in use.
They run on the electric energy stored in their batteries. These high performance batteries, are reliable and trusted to give out a quality standard performance. This aspect is helpful in making electric-powered vehicles more economic, especially in the case of scooters, which ultimately is what is desired by the consumer.


Electric scooters are preferred by senior citizens and the young alike. Senior citizens prefer them, because they are light-weight and easy to handle, while the younger generation who have a tendency to always try out anything new, are seeing the vehicle as something that runs on the same lines with their need to experiment.
In the heart of the city, the population density is high, and so are the vehicles. In such places, traffic moves at a snail's pace, often coming to a standstill. In this situation, these scooters are very useful. These vehicles cope with this frequent 'stop and move' fashion of locomotion in a better way than the bigger and bulkier vehicles.
As they require minimal parking space, you can park them easily and in the narrowest of spaces. Most of them are designed in such a way that they can be dismantled and reassembled. Some, after they are folded, acquire a compact shape, which enables them to be carried like a briefcase.
Finding a place to park near shopping centers is as good as impossible. This vehicle can be stored in a space as small as the trunk of a car. Shoppers find this feature most helpful. It can be unloaded from the trunk of a parked car, and used to travel the distance remaining to the shopping center and back.
Individuals who use train or bus services to commute to their place of work, also find them handy. After getting off the train or bus, they can ride their scooter to get to their work-place, thus saving precious time and hard-earned money. No inflammable fuel is stored in them, therefore, they are permitted to be carried on-board a bus or a train.


The price of any product depends on the kind of benefits it offers to the consumers. The top speed can vary from 15 to 30 miles an hour. They can cover a distance of 5 to 45 miles per recharge. Rain and extreme temperatures affect and cut their mileage. Rough terrain and hills too, can have an adverse effect on their mileage.
An electric scooter should be bought with these features in mind, such as the operating range, weight-carrying capacity, its own weight, cost, comfort while riding it. All of them are not available with a seat. On the other hand, you can buy a brand-new one or refurbished and cheaper one, and mold its features according to your needs.
They can be bought as a gift for your child. These small versions are available in the price range of USD 100 to USD 200. But these are of no use to you, as they are merely toys meant for children. They are almost always built for practical purposes, have a range of 10-15 miles, and may cost a lot more than a toy scooter.
The actual price that you pay may depend on the manufacturer, capacity of the batteries, the model, and the features. High-end super fast versions can even fetch a price exceeding USD 5,000.
If you search for cheaper or second hand models on the internet, you will find them in almost every shopping mall on sale, and with discounts too. On-line auction houses auction overstocked products with the help of the Internet. If you get an opportunity to put in your bid that matches your needs, you might just get lucky.
These scooters are very handy vehicles to travel short distances in the neighborhood, to run errands. They are easily affordable and consume electricity worth of 1-3 cents per mile.
These have become a rage on university and college campuses. Both students and teachers are now using them to travel the short distance between their classes and labs. These are noiseless and pollution-free vehicles.