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Types of Motorcycle Tires

Matt Thompson
The motorcycle tire is made of different mechanisms. It is not only about simple rubber hoops that prevent your wheel from crushing against the road. Every day tire making companies are trying to develop new technologies to give a safe and smooth driving experience.
There are basically two categories of a motorcycle tire. One is radial and another one is biased. These two terms are basically referred to as the construction method of the tire. It means how the internal cords and belts are arranged during the making of a tire. You can choose the motorcycle tires based on your requirements. Let's find out types of tires.

Cruiser Tires

Cruiser tires are specially made for the heavy bike so that they can be robust to hold up the bike weight. Moreover, this tire delivers good mileage with wet weather. These types of tires often found on metric cruisers, American V-twin, and custom bikes.

Sport Performance Tires

This type of tire is basically made for a lightweight sports bike and high-performance street bike. The mechanism of this tire allows the bike to have swift and precise handling with a great grip from corner to corner. The overall weight of this tire is very light.

Sport-Touring Tires

This type of tire is basically a mix of sports tours and sports performance tires. For a high configuration bike, the sport-touring tire is a superb combination for long mileage with a great experience. Basically, who love a long ride in a long highway with their bike for those rider sports tour tires are ideal choices.

ADV Tires

ADV tires are dot approved tires that are designed to handle offroad riding as well as on-road riding. This tire is an ideal preference who loves to ride on the mountain road. The dot technology of this tire allows the rider to ride their bike safely in the offroad.