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Types of Car Tires

Mukulika Mukherjee
If you visit the market to buy new tires for your car, you'll find that there are different types of car tires. The reason for such wide variety is that each one is designed for different weather conditions and different terrains. Here we shall look into the most common types, and learn a little about each.
At first glance, all the tires appear the same. However, on close inspection, you'll see that this is not true, for, you shall come across different types of tires. And the difference lies not only in size, but also in the tread pattern.
While some tires are ideal for vehicles that run at high speeds, others are designed keeping in mind the ones that travel over unfriendly terrain. When it comes to car tires, you'll find a wide range of designs as well. In the subsequent part of the article, we shall learn which are the most commonly used types of car tires. Keep reading...

Different Types of Car Tires

To choose tires that are apt for your car, you should have a clear idea about the different car tire types, and what are the characteristic features of each.

Passenger Tires

If you are looking for the most economical option in car tires, then you should opt for passenger tires. The biggest advantage of using passenger tires is that the tread wears at a very slow rate, which means that the tire lasts longer, and this is achieved by the addition of certain compounds to the rubber to make it tougher.
The speed ratings for these tires vary widely, but is lower as compared to touring tires. The tread design makes passenger tires suitable for use all the year round.

Touring Tires

Touring tires come next in line to passenger tires, when it comes to high performance. The tread width of touring tires is slightly greater than that of the passenger tires, providing greater stability at very high speeds. Touring tires come in a wide range of speed ratings and also different qualities, to cater to a wide range of vehicles.
If you observe the design of the treads on a touring tire, you are most likely to find an all-season tread pattern. An example of a touring tire would be Pirelli's P6. The rate of tread wear in touring tires is lesser when compared to performance tires.

Performance Tires

Known as summer tires, performance tires are the most efficient and are ideal for use in sports cars. The reason why these are termed as performance tires is that they are designed to provide superior grip, thus preventing the vehicle from skidding.
Not only this, performance tires come with an aesthetic appeal that is ideal for luxury cars. Using these tires can really make your car look good! Moreover, the tread pattern is such that these tires can be used under any weather condition, be it sun, rain or snow.
Sometimes, it can be difficult to drive on slippery surfaces due to the chances of front-wheel spin. However, the low-speed traction control offered by performance tires, takes care of this.
Due to the use of advanced technology in designing, these tires are, by far, the most expensive car tires. A good example is the Michelin Pilot Sport and Bridgestone Potenza.

All-Season Tires

All-season tires are the best for your car, as these tires come with the best features. Not only are these tires tough, but also provide good grip. They are safe for use on slippery surfaces and wet weather conditions. Also, they are designed such that they can withstand low temperatures just like winter tires.
However, you must note that all-season tires are not a substitute for tires that are specially designed for use under specific weather conditions. The standard tires installed in most cars are different brands of all-season tires.

All-Terrain Tires

Similar to all-season tires that are suitable for use under practically every weather condition, all-terrain tires are meant for use on any kind of terrain. This means that with these tires, you can drive as easily over rough surfaces as on smooth roads.
However, in case you wish to travel to mountainous regions, you need to choose tires that are especially designed to handle rocky terrain. All-terrain tires are larger than average tires with wide gaps between treads. These tires are ideal for SUVs.

Run-Flat Tires

Run-flat tires have proved to be a useful invention in the world of tires because they can run for a considerable distance even after a puncture. Amazing, isn't it? This unique feature makes them the best bet if you are setting out on a long drive to the countryside, or to some place where it isn't easy to find someone who can get the tires replaced.
To achieve this unique feat, a run-flat tire is provided with reinforced sidewalls that are capable of enduring the weight of the vehicle. What's more, run-flat tires come in various tread patterns, which means you can find run-flat tires belonging to each category discussed above!
However, they say that every good thing comes at a price and run-flat tires have their own drawbacks too. These tires are very heavy and also more expensive, as compared to ordinary tires. However, if you are looking for safety, then this is the type of car tire you should go for.
This was all about the different types of car tires available in the market. Hope the information given in this article proves useful in helping you choose the perfect set of tires for your vehicle. Good luck!