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Types of Truck Tool Boxes

Buzzle Staff
I am sure that a lot of people will agree that truck tool boxes are a blessing in disguise. Here's more about these boxes and their types.
If you are tired of carrying your tools home everyday after work or find your tools lying cluttered in your pickup truck, then you could get yourself a truck tool box. Over-sized tool boxes that are typically mounted in the bed section of a pickup truck are called truck tool boxes.
These boxes store all kinds of things that range from drill bits, hammers, small levels, large levels, screw drivers, bolts, rivets, power drills, battery drills, and other similar items. Because of this, the life of electricians, plumbers, carpenters, welders, iron workers, etc., has become simplified.
These tool boxes are sturdy, and come in many different models, shapes, styles, colors, and material. The most popular colors are black, white, natural steel or aluminum. The material that is used in making these boxes are heavy-duty plastic, heavy aluminum, and steel.
The cheapest from the list is plastic, and will surely serve the purpose of a basic tool box, but will not be as durable as the others. The aluminum one is lightweight and slightly more durable. Steel is of course the strongest, sturdiest, and the longest lasting, because of which, it is also the costliest of the lot.

Crossover Tool Box

The most popular style is the crossover box that fits directly behind the cab and slides snugly over both the sides of the truck bed. This accessory is typically bolted into place in order to prevent possible theft. It comes in various models, each of them specially created with the user in mind.

Side Mount

This is a tool box that mounts to a side rail, and has a notch in it so that the bulk of the box sits over the rail and then onto the bed. Gas struts assist in opening it from the top. Not only that, it also helps in holding the top open. Luckily for buyers, this box is available in sizes that fit all pickup trucks.


This tool box is a boon for owners who require smaller storage area or do not want to give up as much bed space as a larger tool box requires. This box is tall and narrow, and sits just behind the wheel well.
For more storage space, it has a number of drawers too that are hidden behind a stainless steel locking front door. This box fits with caps, protectors, and tonneaus.

Slide System

Like the name suggests, this accessory is fastened to the rail system on the truck bed. This enables you to slide the box to the end of the bed in order to access its contents. There is a wide choice available that ranges from one with multiple drawers to a box with large storage area.