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Symptoms of Transmission Problems

Omkar Phatak
If you are looking for a list of symptoms indicating problems with car transmission, you have landed on the right page. Read to know all about it.
Next to the engine itself, the most important of internal car systems is the transmission. Problems with the system have a direct impact on your car engine's efficiency and smoothness of operation.
To diagnose any problems with this crucial car system, one needs to be aware of the associated symptoms. A glance through this article will acquaint you with all the signs that indicate an impending transmission failure.
Without the transmission, your car would run only at a single speed. It is this mechanism that makes speed variation possible, using the torque generated by the car engine.
Now there are two types of transmission systems available. Most modern cars have a built in automatic transmission system, where the gear changing is managed by the car itself. Otherwise, most older cars have a manual system.

Symptoms Indicating Transmission Issues

An accurate diagnosis requires knowledge of the inner workings of the transmission. Here are the most common symptoms that one needs to watch out for.

Rough Shifting of Gears

One of the prime symptoms is rough shifting of gears. Instead of a normal smooth gear transition, you will find that the transmission is bumpy. If you notice this happening repeatedly, it is time to get it checked.

Delayed Engaging

If you notice that the gears are delayed in getting engaged and there is a latent response from the transmission, the reason might indicate a problem with the gear box. This condition may be a result of multitude of causes. One of the most likely causes might be low fluid levels.

Murky Transmission Fluid

If you notice that the fluid is looking murky, a replacement is on the cards. An immediate fluid change is recommended.

Transmission Slipping

One of the most common problems with car transmission is recurrent slipping when changing gears. Slipping can result from low levels of lubrication fluid or structural failure. This is one of the prime problems that plague an automatic transmission. This car problem needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Fluid Leak

Checking transmission fluid should be a part of your regular car maintenance schedule. Leaking fluid is one of the major indicators of imminent automatic and manual transmission problems. Make sure that you get the fluid replaced, as without it, the system will eventually break down. Lubrication is an essential need of every working machine part and the most essential necessity of the transmission.


Due to prolonged wear and tear of gears, and due to low lubrication fluid levels, knocking noise may be heard. This noise is indicative of imminent transmission failure. A fluid refill may take care of the problem quite easily.
If you have been noticing any of the above signs, then we suggest that you visit a car repair shop, as soon as possible. Delay in doing so, will ultimately result in costly car repairs. Make it a point to include transmission checkup, in your regular car maintenance schedule.