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Transmission Flush Cost

Roshan Valder
The make and model of the vehicle is one of the major factors that determine the cost of a transmission flush. Here are some tips on transmission flush services and expenses.
Some cars require costlier synthetic fluids, which are considered advantageous than conventional fluids. Transmission flush cost ranges between $75 to $380, depending on various factors including the location, type of vehicle, equipment used, etc.
In general, the cost will be higher for expensive and exotic vehicles. It also depends on where you are going to get your transmission flush done. A local repair shop could do it for you at a rate that is much cheaper than that offered by the dealer, but it could be risky.
Make sure that they have the standard equipment that is required to flush your transmission without causing any damage. If you are not sure about the local repair shops, it's recommended that you go to the main dealer.
Make sure the fluid used for flushing the transmission is specifically meant for the make and model of your car. Any other fluid could damage your transmission further. You may also be required to pay for extra services such as filter change and pan removal. Above all, you must ensure that it is the right time for transmission maintenance.

Procedure/Amount of Fluid

A standard transmission flush requires around 5 to 7 quarts of fluid. So, 5 to 8 quarts of the old fluid will be retained. This procedure costs around $75 to $150. If a pressurized machine is used, the old fluid is completely replaced with new one. The procedure needs around 12 to 20 quarts of new fluid. So, it costs around $125 to $300.

Auto Repair Shop/Dealership

It may cost around $90 to $380 for a transmission flush at an auto repair shop or an oil-and-lube, whereas dealerships may charge $75 to $300 for this procedure. Thus, the average cost for a transmission flush at an auto repair shop comes around $160, which is lesser than the average cost offered by dealerships - $200.

When Should I Get a Transmission Flush Done?

The usual suggestion is to get a transmission flush done after you have clocked about 30,000 miles on your vehicle, but this could vary considerably with different types of vehicles. It is best to get it done, when your vehicle needs it. A transmission flush is best done when the fluid has not turned completely brown with too much dirt.
If there is already too much of sludge in your transmission, it doesn't really make sense flushing it; as the high pressure fluids when flowing through the transmission, might just push the sludge further and block the passageway for the fluid. This could end up spoiling the transmission and make you replace it as a whole.
Though there are a number of pitfalls of getting a transmission flush done, the benefits always outweigh the cost. Higher mileage and smoother gear shifting are just two of the main advantages of flushing a transmission. It can also increase the life of your car by a few years.
Regular change of transmission fluid will significantly increase the life of your transmission. Always check for any damage or other problems in your car, and diagnose them early, to prevent greater loss or expenditure in the future.
Please note that all the figures mentioned are only cost estimates, and the actual prices may differ depending on various factors.