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Traffic Safety Tips for Responsible Citizens

Shalu Bhatti
Traffic safety tips are something that are not to be taken lightly! There is a need to brush up on your traffic safety dos and don'ts once in a while. Read on for the same.
If you are among those who think that traffic safety tips are something that need to be given to children and not adults, you are so very wrong. A person who follows traffic rules and does all that is expected of him to be safe while in traffic, rarely faces sudden accidents and mishaps!
With years of driving and understanding how traffic works, we fail to realize the importance of brushing up our knowledge on the traffic rules and policies. But always remember, over confidence is mostly the reason behind accidents. Here are some basic yet important traffic safety tips for both adults and kids.

Traffic Safety Tips for a Responsible Citizen

Being an adult, it is your responsibility to set a good example for others. Remember when you are driving a car with your teenage son or daughter sitting next to you, he or she is watching you and observing how you drive.
So, if you break the signal today because it was getting late, he or she may break it tomorrow as a habitual task. Hence, you must make sure that you follow all the necessary traffic rules to set a good example. Some of the effective traffic safety tips are mentioned here.

Put Your Seat Belt On

Always put your seat belt on. In case there is a child in the car between the age of 4 and 8, a booster seat should be used as safety belts are not meant for small children and cannot protect them in case of accidents. Kids under the age of 12 should never sit on the front seat.

Don't Try to Multitask

Do you drive, listen to music, eat your sandwich and speak on the phone all at the same time? If you do this, you are not displaying your super powers of multitasking but allowing multiple things to distract you.
Once you are driving, be it alone or with your friends and family, you are responsible for everyone present in the car. So stop multitasking and focus on driving safe.

Drinking and Driving has Fatal Consequences!

The maximum number of accidents that take place across the globe include drinking and driving as one of the main cause. Teenagers and young adults especially, don't realize the risks they are putting themselves into.
Alcohol influences your mood and mind and may not give you the judgment and control that you need to have when driving safe. Even smoking should be avoided and drugs should not be consumed if you are planning to drive.

Stay Focused on the Road, Stay Alert!

Driving under pressure with your mind preoccupied with issues at work or at home would easily allow you to distract your mind off the road leading to an accident.
So make sure that you don't let the things outside your car affect you when you are in the car. Sleep properly and stay relaxed before hitting the road.

Don't Break the Signal

Your emotions or impatience may tempt you to break the signal at times. Or break the speed limit because you are getting late. Don't do that! The consequences for that may actually be enough to separate you from your drivers license on a permanent basis.
Make sure you abide by the traffic rules and guidelines and do all that you can to be a responsible citizen.

Keep Your Vehicle in Good Condition

Last but not the least, keep your vehicle in good condition. Make sure you are giving your vehicle for servicing and maintenance on time. Make sure you always check your vehicle tires before hitting the road and don't run out of gas!

Traffic Safety Tips for Kids

Traffic safety tips are something that should be taught to kids! With the amount of accidents and mishaps occurring around, and children becoming the main victims, there is a mandatory need to educate children about some simple and effective rules of the world outside their homes!

Know the Traffic Signals and Signs

Remember, when the signal is Red it means Stop, when the signal is Yellow it means Look and when the signal is Green is means Go.

Look Both Sides to Cross the Road

While crossing the street always walk with an adult. Make sure that you look at both the sides and see that no vehicles are coming near you. Look on your left and then right and then look on your left again before you cross.

Always Walk on the Sidewalk or Keep to your Left

Never ever walk or run on a street. Make sure that you always walk on a sidewalk. If there are none, then stay to your left and walk while facing the traffic so that you can see the vehicles.

Do Not Take your Head or Hands Out of a Moving Vehicle

It is exciting and fun to put your hand and head out from a moving vehicle. But then this can cause accidents and can hurt you badly. So make sure that you never ever do it and also ask your friends not to do it in future.
Also make sure that you enter the bus and exit the bus only when it has stopped completely. Avoid playing in a moving bus as it can hurt you.
So these were some of the main traffic safety tips that should be followed by one and all in order to stay safe and be an example for others. Remember, rules and regulations are made for your own benefit and safety. So make sure that you abide by them. Take care and have a safe ride.