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Tips for Regular Car Maintenance

Lindsey Patterson
Regular car maintenance makes all the difference in overall performance and longevity. You want your car looking as brand new as possible two years after getting it from the car dealer.
You can perform a weekly inspection to help in maintaining your car and save you thousands of dollars. The advantage of regular car maintenance is that it enables you to identify areas that require immediate attention to avoid future costly repairs.
When you replace worn out or old car parts, you reduce chances of the vehicle breaking down or causing significant problems in future, which saves thousands of dollars. The best way to start your car maintenance routine is with preventative maintenance. It’s wise to take your car to an expert for maintenance. Here are few tips.

Wash the Car

Try washing your car weekly. You can clean on your own or take it to a car wash. When cleaning, pay attention to the body, undercarriage and fender walls to get rid of road salt, dirt.
It’s vital to pay attention to the car interiors, such as seats. For effective car cleaning, it’s wise to hire professionals in upholstery cleaning to maintain your car in excellent condition.

Brake Pad Changes

Brake pad inspection is a task that should be left to professionals. When your brake pads are worn out, you may have to purchase new ones and get an expert to replace them. The good news is that brake pads are not as expensive as people think.
Your car’s braking system is among the vital factors to control your car. The only way to stop a moving vehicle is to maintain a functional braking system through regular maintenance. It’s advisable to check your brakes monthly or every three months.

Inspect the Air Filter

The air filter is among most basic yet essential part of your vehicle. The filter is not such an important part, but the job it performs is vital for the smooth functioning of a vehicle. When your car is running, it continually pulls in air from the environment and mixes with the fuel to burn.
The air is not 100% clean. Therefore, air filter plays the role of cleaning atmospheric air by filtering out debris and dirt before it mixes with fuel so that your car can function well.
That means that your air filter is continually working; thus, it gets dirty quickly. That’s why you should regularly check on the air filters to make sure they are clean. You might also have to change air filters when they wear out.

Change Your Spark Plugs

Spark plugs affect the functionality of your car’s engine. You need to take your car for regular inspections so that the vehicle experts can inspect the spark plugs. If not checked, spark plugs can wear out. You can read through your car manual so that you know when to replace spark plugs.
You might want to take your car to an expert if it’s not performing as effectively as it should. The professional will replace your spark plugs if they are old or its wires are old. Most car spark plugs last for over 20,000 miles.

Right Tire Pressure

Maintaining your car tires is an essential part of car maintenance. The safety and upkeep of your car significantly depend on the condition of its tires. Make sure you inspect your tires regularly, especially before a long trip. Inspect for inflation after two weeks during the winter months.
If you have realized abnormal wear patterns, it could be due to suspension or misalignment issues. Steering vibrations are a sign that you need balancing.
Generally, make sure that every car part is regularly maintained, including the electrical system, engines and fuel. The good news is that car maintenance is simple. But, it would be wise to take it to a mechanic for inspection.