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Throttle Body Spacer

Medha Godbole
If you were wondering what a throttle body spacer is, there are quite a few considerations and controversies related to that. Read to know more...
Do you wonder what helps your car to be in good condition with good horsepower and enhanced combustion in its engine cylinders? It is a small car part called the throttle body spacer. It is basically meant to improve fuel efficiency and give extra power to the engine.
A throttle body spacer is a tiny aluminum block, which is added to the throttle body of a car. It is fixed between the air filter and car's intake manifold. Typically, it has serrated edges or even helical cuts along the walls of the ports.
The accelerator and throttle are connected by a throttle cable in a fuel injection engine. This is basically how a spacer controls the air flow to the engine in tandem with the fuel injection system. It has throttle plates and a butterfly valve regulating the air flow.

Operation of a Throttle Body Spacer

The throttle cable, connecting the throttle and accelerator, leads the throttle linkages, causing in turn opening of the throttle plate. All this ultimately gives more airflow to the engine.
Once the valve opens, the spacer permits more than a normal amount of air to go through the valve. Thus the engine does not have to work overtime to let air, necessary for combustion, enter the vehicle.

Benefits of a Throttle Spacer

Benefit #1

The good news for a car having a spacer is that the overall performance of the car is enhanced. This part greatly improves the vacuum response of the carburetor, which imparts added velocity to the air. The runner length of the intake increases manifold, simultaneously enhancing the plenum volume.

Benefit #2

A throttle spacer in a car means increased horsepower. It is because of the increase in the velocity of air in the car engine and creating an airflow vortex, resulting in increased atomization. Moreover, the design of the spacers―spiral flow or helix―culminates in better combustion and improved horsepower, at any RPM.

Benefit #3

Additional torque is provided to the car on account of a throttle spacer. The enhanced combustion and velocity of the air intake of the car results in better torque. The mantra is simple―increase the speed, increase the engine's torque output.

Benefit #4

In addition to all the above, a spacer provides extra height for the air and fuel mixture. A gradual flow in the intake ports of the manifold ultimately generates increased torque response.
At the end of the day, even if the spacer has all these benefits, there is a controversy engulfing them. Do they work or not? The bone of contention being some expert opinions, referring to the fact that the benefits are overrated.