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Things to Look for While Buying a Used Boat Trailer

Mary Anthony
If you are planning to buy a boat, used or new, you will require a trailer as well. Buying a used boat trailer can save you some bucks if you look at the right places and pay attention to a few details. This story presents the things to look for when buying a used boat trailer.

Play Safe!

Don't goof up by choosing a trailer with its weight the same as your boat. Since the boat is used to stow your gear, a couple of inches of water seeping into the boat can prove to be quite a disaster causing the trailer to give way while towing. Play safe and choose used boat trailers with brakes if the unladen weight is above 750 kg.
Boat trailers fall into a unique category as they are open to the elements and are designed specifically for carrying, supporting, holding, and securing boats. They have set styles and types in tandem with the boat type. Boat trailers are essential, as boats disintegrate faster when left afloat.
Trailers are also perfect to store cargo. This story gives you some very valuable points that need to be considered before buying a used boat trailer. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Used Boat Trailer

☞ Find a peanut butter and jelly type of a deal that allows you to purchase both a boat and boat trailer together, preferably a used trailer.
☞ Ensure that the trailer exceeds or maintains the 'wet' weight as you may just end up buying one which is the same weight as your boat.
☞ Take care to check the quality and durability of the trailer. Avoid purchasing a rusty one; chances are, it may collapse due to the heavy load.
☞ Invest right the first time itself, and evaluate future costs as the trailer may need an overhauling. Opting for a heavy-duty trailer can save you a lot of time and money if you ever decide to upgrade your boat.
☞ Select a a rust-resistant trailer, preferably made of aluminum or galvanized steel, as they are excellent for ocean use. Steel trailers are better options if you use the boat in freshwater. Ensure the trailer has waterproof rear lights.
☞ It is better to invest in disc brakes, as they have greater surface area and large pistons for easy mobility on the freeway. Also, get a good pair of leaf springs installed to handle more load.
☞ Depending on where the boat is to be used, rollers and bunkers can be used accordingly. Bunkers are apt for deep water launches, whereas rollers are cheap and can be installed easily.
☞ Local newspaper classifieds, online websites―Criagslist, Kijiji, and Trailer Shopper―are the best places to find used boat trailers.
☞ Contact your local Department of Transportation to find out about the trailer laws that are applicable in your area before you make a final decision. The towing regulations vary from state to state.
Selecting the right boat trailer can be quite tricky; however if you consider these tips, you can tow away without a care in the world.