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11 Things People Who Go to Work By Bike Can Relate To

Tanaya Navalkar
Going to work by bike, not only helps you save money but also keeps you fit. However, along with making your daily life easy, there are some situations that people who use cycles to go to work have to go through everyday.

Another Reason to Ride a bike!

The annual cost of maintaining a bike is 20 times less than maintaining and driving a car.
Most of us have grown up riding bikes (bicycles), which now have become a distant memory, since we've moved on and learned how to ride motorcycles and drive cars. However, driving cars and motorcycles to work and back everyday only uses up too much of gas, and benefits you in no way.
Moreover, you get stuck in traffic for hours, which increases your stress level and makes you feel tired as hell. It's like you spend half your life stuck in traffic jams. But thanks to the growing number of fitness freaks, you can now see a number of people who use bikes to commute to work.
Another reason to ride a bike to work would be the Bike to Work Day or Bike to Work Week, which is an annual event that is held in spring, usually in the month of May, across the United States and Canada.
But if you are the one who anyway rides to work on a bike, then we're sure that every month is a Bike Month and everyday is a Bike Day for you. Still, there are some challenges that you must be facing as well. Let's take a look them.

Situations You Come Across if You Ride a Bike to Work

Your bike can fit in anywhere in your apartment, or may be not!
You don't have to worry about where to keep your bike after you get back home from work. Just pick it up and get it inside the house.
It takes up very little space and can fit in anywhere, be it a small corridor, balcony, or along the wall. However, if you happen to be living in a city like New York, you can expect your bike to take up half the space of your apartment.
You have a whole lane dedicated only for bikes.
This is another great reason why you should use a bike. It is actually a quicker way to get to office without experiencing any kind of traffic.
People traveling in cars may get a little jealous here! However, it's not even that easy as it may seem, since there are some people who love getting their vehicles onto the bike lanes. And if they're not enough, there are other annoying cyclists too!
When it comes to commuting to office, you know all the shortcuts.
And we mean it! You know each and every shortcut that goes to your office, and you've memorized all of them when you experience heavy traffic and chaos on the regular route.
You can easily glide your way through traffic.
Ah, that wonderful feeling of getting past a huge traffic jam! There's definitely some thrill as well as fear of navigating your way between two buses.
What do you have to say to that people? While others who are traveling in cars are frowning, you, on the other hand, easily weave in and out of traffic with a bright smile (smirk) on your face.
You don't have to worry about parking problems.
You won't have to look for parking spaces anymore. All you need is a sturdy bike lock, and a sign where you can park your bike, which you'll find almost everywhere.
But you surely dread this the most!
You have a special hatred for bike thieves in your heart. Didn't we say you'll need a sturdy bike lock?
Well, it looks like even the sturdiest and strongest of locks could not help here. May God really bless those employers who provide parking areas indoors!
You hate people who text or talk on the phone while riding.
Same goes for the people who text and ride, or talk while riding.
They can get on your nerves at times. If you need to use the phone, pull over and talk! Simple! Don't you think that is less dangerous, for everyone?
You always find some trash in the wicker basket of your bike.
In case you own a bike with a wicker basket in front, there can be nothing worse than finding trash in it every time. You've even thought of leaving a note in there, so that people won't litter in it.
You've experienced some serious action, at least once!
Either you've gotten into some kind of a quarrel with a fellow cyclist, or any other vehicle that always honks at you for no apparent reason. Cars and buses are as good as big monsters to you. Your heart skips a beat every time you come near one.
Most important, you turn up sweaty and smelly.
You're always the one to be sweating on reaching office, because you ride to work everyday, so much that you tend to use up all the paper towels, and still not feel guilty about doing so.
There's nothing wrong in staying fit and healthy, isn't it? And you also make sure that you carry a deodorant along with you in your bag.
In the end, you always feel fresh and close to nature.
You always feel close to nature, as you can simply hop onto your bike and go for a ride at anytime of the day. You love the feeling of the breeze brushing your face, which you don't experience in cars.
After all the riding and hard work in office, you still feel happy and super healthy when ride your bike to work every morning. And on the weekends, or may be some weekday, you even reward yourself at least six beers, because you know you're gonna burn those extra calories anyway.
These are the main things that people who use a bike to go to work can understand. Apart from these situations though, there are many other perks of biking your way to work.

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You feel fresh throughout the day, and also contribute to saving the planet as you pedal down the road. Moreover, you always have some good amount of money to spend at the end of every month. Go green, get fitter, and save money!