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12 Things Only Motorcycle Lovers Can Understand

Tanaya Navalkar
All of us are crazy over something or the other, like watches, cars, gadgets, etc. Some people are simply crazy about bikes. They love them more than anything else in the world. Of course, people who like bike rides can understand this love for bikes. In this story, we have listed a few things that only motorcycle lovers can actually relate to.
"Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul." ― Anonymous
There are two kinds of people in this world ― those who like going places, and those who like going places on bikes! For the latter, it's all about the journey, and not the destination. They simply love exploring different places on motorcycles, rather than sitting in the confines of a car, mainly because some trips are epic only when made on a bike.
There is something instantly attractive about bikers, which gives you one more reason to ride a bike. They can be easily recognized by the signature leather jackets, helmets, gloves, and of course, the pretty, roaring machines that makes everybody's heads turn. Riding a bike is of course a great experience.
The feel of a pulsating engine under your butt, the vibration of the handle bar, and the thrill that you get while speeding is definitely more euphoric than driving a car. Other reasons are, they take up less parking space, use less gas, and can make way through traffic easily. Well, here are the things only bike lovers can understand properly.

Things That Only a Motorcycle Enthusiast Can Relate To

You always prefer riding a motorcycle even when going on a vacation

Whenever anyone talks about going on a vacation, you are always the one to ride on a bike, even if it means riding 500 miles out of your way. And even if it's not a vacation, you're always willing to ride that much to visit a restaurant or a store that keeps the same stuff as the ones near your home.

You consider your motorcycle as your baby

Your bike is your baby, and that's what you tell everyone. Everyone else too refers to it as your baby, rather than calling it your bike.
You love it more than you love yourself. You even talk to it sometimes, and that is something oddly satisfying for you!

You understand why dogs stick their faces out of car windows

Only a biker would know the wind-in-your-face feeling while riding, because it makes you feel closer to nature than it does while traveling in a car.
There's something amazing about the breeze hitting your face. It gives you the feeling of being free, and totally relaxes your mind. Experience it to know it!

You believe in enjoying the scenic view while on a bike

Whichever season it may be, you are always up for a bike ride. The mountains, beaches, forests; everything looks beautiful while riding a bike.

Traffic jams are not a problem for you

Simply put, bikers don't understand why people crib about being stuck in traffic jams. And that's because they can glide easily by, maneuvering their way through the maddening traffic, which car owners can only dream of doing.

You wish to own a killer superbike some day

You are always left open-mouthed whenever you see a sports bike or a superbike pass by, and you promise yourself that you will start saving a little every month to buy that beautiful, mean machine.

You dream of joining a biker gang

You've always dreamed of joining a biker's gang and traveling all across the country!
You always make sure that you carry your baby along whenever you plan a trip with them. The most exotic places are on your bucket list, which you wish to explore on your bike. What's the thrill in going there in a car anyway?

Your motorcycle is always a part of your photos

You make sure that your bike is always a part of your pictures. Even the selfies! And there are tons of photos of your bike like this. Moreover, half of your profile pictures are all about bikes and rides.

When it comes to picking the routes, you always opt for twisties

You love the challenging routes that full of twists, turns, ups and downs.
You prefer the curvy roads on the hills, because they make you get out of your comfort zone, rather than taking the shortest and simplest route always. In short, plain and straight roads are simply boring for you.

You never face any parking problems

You can slide in your bike into the smallest of spaces available, unlike the people in cars, who keep looking for a parking space, for hours sometimes. Parking has never been a problem for you, and never will be!

Whenever you need a break from life, you ride!

Riding has been proven to be a great way to release stress. Doesn't matter if you are riding for pleasure or for a purpose, you feel relaxed and happier about yourself after reaching your destination. You never get tired of riding your motorcycle.

You treasure your motorcycle more than anything else in this world

You consider your bike to be your priceless possession, and can do anything and everything to keep it safe and well-maintained. You get satisfaction only after you wash it every Sunday! You also don't lend your bike to anyone, because you don't trust their riding. You know it is your pride, and you have earned it for yourself after a long wait and hard work.
So, are you one of those crazy bike lovers who identifies with all the things above?