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Steps to Hitch Up Your Caravan Safely

Before you take your brand new caravan out for its first spin, make sure you know the essentials of preparing the caravan hitch for towing vehicle.
Starc Maxwell

Step-1: Measure the tow ball weight

You need to figure out the tow ball weight by weighing the back of your vehicle. Place your caravan in such a way that it occupies 10% of its Aggregate Trailer Mass on the tow ball. Consider weighing your tow vehicle’s tow ball mess independently with portable ball weight scales.

Step-2: Reserve and connect towing vehicle to caravan

After the tow ball weight measurement, reverse vehicle to hitch your caravan. Check if the caravan hand brake is entirely on and your caravan is on uneven ground or slope.
If it’s on uneven ground, coupling tongue might get jammed against the towing ball head and. If you’re manoeuvring alone, use motor mover to pull your caravan towards the towing vehicle.

Step-3: Check the lights on the tow vehicle and caravan

Check if the lights are turned on when you press the brake pedal. After reviewing the brakes, move onto both sides of the hazard warning indicators, rear fog lights and reversing lights and check if they all work correctly.
Once you’re done checking the lights and rechecking the hitch, breakaway cable, it’s safe to say that you’re good to go.

Step-4. Check the coupling and locking pin

Check if the coupling pin and the locking pin is secured on the tow-ball. Also, check if the handbrake is released and the caravan wiring is securely plugged into your vehicle. Before you hit the road, make final adjustments of the towing mirrors and brake controller as well.
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