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Signs of Transmission Going Bad

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Knowing the basic signs of transmission going bad can actually save you from a lot of expenses and also make you a better judge of your car's condition. So let's check out the basic problems that a car transmission can face.
Every car, in its lifetime, might have faced some or the other transmission problems. If your car is stuck with major transmission problems, the best option would be to replace it, but that would cost you a bomb. However, before the car transmission problem can reach to a point of no return, it always shows some or the other signs of transmission trouble.
If you understand these signs of transmission going bad and what they signify, you have a chance of solving the transmission problem before it is too late.

Signs of Transmission Failure

Handling car or transmission problems yourself may seem like an impossible task, but if you notice that your car is giving you problems while shifting gears you should understand that something is wrong, and the problem must fixed as soon as possible. People tend to use their cars even for the smallest distances which further contributes to the wear and tear of the transmission unit. Transmission repair cost can surely get pricey and to make sure you are not getting overcharged, it is a good idea to know what can go wrong with your car's transmission.

Engine Light

A normal engine light check can serve as a good indicator if something was to go wrong with the transmission. The check engine light can blink for a number of reasons which may or may not be related to transmission problems, but it would be good if you don't overlook it.
Newly built cars have inbuilt sensors which notify the car's system and the driver if anything is actually wrong.
If your car is suffering from transmission problems these sensors can pick up vibrations and also alert you. You can also use a diagnostic tool for a better check which can be plugged below the driver's seat of the instrumental panel.
The tool will then show a code that will highlight the area of the vehicle causing the problem. If it highlights the transmission, then it's time to fix an appointment with your engineer.

Incorrect Response

The transmission unit of a car is specifically designed to shift to a new gear every time you change it, so when this doesn't happen, it's a sure sign of transmission problems. Sometimes the gear changes pretty comfortably, but the car still doesn't get the momentum its supposed to get.
This may happen due to a overused clutch or a much bigger transmission problem. Poor response transmission problems are very common in cars with automatic transmission. An automatic car transmission should go in the "Park" or "Drive" very quickly bit if this doesn't happen, there's an issue which needs to be sorted soon.

Fluid Leaking

If you are facing transmission fluid leaks in your cars, there are high chances that your car is facing transmission problems. Automatic transmission fluid is something which is very necessary for the smooth running of your car, which if found leaking can quickly turn into a very serious issue. To check if everything is normal with the transmission fluid, you have to check its state, color and smell.
In normal conditions the fluid should be red in color and should have a sweet smell. If your transmission is facing a problem, then the color would be black and you will get a burning smell. Checking transmission fluids of cars with manual transmission is not that simple as they need to be checked right at the transmission case. However, if you still feel something is wrong it's a good idea to get it checked with the mechanic.

Crunching or Shaking

The effect of crunching and shaking totally depends if you have a manual or automatic transmission. In a car with manual transmission, the car will make a harsh noise while you shift the gear. When you've fully engaged the clutch, you shift the gear and then hear a grinding noise, you may have an over used clutch which needs an urgent replacement.
In automatic transmissions while you change the car gear, there are high chances that the car will get a jerk or the transmission unit will shake a little as soon as you change the gear.
I hope reading this story on signs of transmission going bad has educated you on the various problems that occur with car transmission units. If you experience any of these signs it's a good time to send your car to the garage.