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Your Guide to Side View Mirror Replacement

Omkar Phatak
If you are looking for directions regarding replacement of a side view mirror, keep reading ahead. As you will discover, it is quite a simple procedure.
A side view mirror can be of two types, depending on what the car model is. It may either be a manual or electric assembly. We will only discuss the replacement of a manually operated model here.
The cost of replacement can be around USD 200 (cost of the new mirror depends on build and brand), including the labor charges. You can save the extra charges by buying a mirror and fixing it on your own.

Manual Replacement Procedure

Let us see the manual procedure. The tools you will need, are the following:

  • Telescopic magnet
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • ⅜ inch drive ratchet and socket
  • ⅜ inch drive extension
  • New side view mirror assembly
Let us now see the step-by-step procedure to replace the mirror.

  • To begin with, open the car door, to which the mirror is attached and observe the inner side. See if you will have to remove the entire door panel or only a triangular shaped molded panel on the interior side of the door. This houses the assembly, which holds the mirror.
  • Once you have located the door panel, locate the screws that fix it to the door. The screw holes may be masked with plugs, which you may need to remove, before you can gain access to remove the door panel screws.
  • Manual mirrors come with manual windows. So, you will have to remove the window roll handle, to remove the door panel. Once all nuts are removed, remove the door panel. In case, you have a triangular molding, which gives access to the backside of the mirror, remove that. Take care that you do not damage the molding or casing of the door panel.
  • Now, remove any more covering under the door panel, that hides the nuts, which hold the mirror in place. Before removing those nuts, you may have to remove the mirror adjuster lever, by unscrewing it.
  • Next, using a ratchet, socket, and extension, remove the nuts on the mirror studs. Use the telescopic magnet so that none of the nuts fall off after removal. While doing this, ask somebody to hold the mirror from outside so that it doesn't fall off.
  • After you have removed the nuts, slowly remove the mirror from the outside, without making any scratches on the door.
  • Now that you have removed the old one, it is time to replace it, with a new one. Insert the mirror from outside and ask somebody to hold it. Fix the nuts from the inside, using the ratchet. Align the mirror alignment liver again and fix it. Put back all the covering, that you removed from the inside of the door panel.
  • Fix the door panel back in place and tighten its screws, using the screwdriver. Put the window roll lever back in place. This concludes the procedure.
As you can see, the procedure is quite simple and can be easily done by anybody who is willing to devote a bit of his time to the job, using the right tools.