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Selling Your Car? Think Like a Buyer!

Muhamad Omary
Of course, when you decided to buy you car, you were thinking like a buyer, but now that you want to sell your car, your mindset has shifted into “seller mode” and surely each one of these two has a different way of getting what they want.
But, if you want to be successful in selling your car, you have to be thinking about what the buyer wants to see in it. This may sound counter-intuitive, but it’s absolutely effective!
Preparing to Sell Your Car by Thinking Like a Buyer
What does a buyer want to see? Think back to what you wanted to see when you were first buying your car. This will put you on the right track. Of course, a buyer wants to see a car that looks fantastic.
This is why it is worthwhile (and certainly important when you’re selling your car on your own) to have your car clean and shiny as if it was brand new.
Make it look the best it can. It might not be as important when you want to sell it to a car dealership, but all you have to do is a thorough clean up for the car to look good in the buyer’s eyes.
If you were a buyer, surely, you’d want to have a good look at the car’s both interior and exterior. So, your job here is to take about 20 to 25 high quality photos for all angles of the car so you can give any potential buyers a really good look.
Try to make sure your vehicle is looking clean and in a good shape (looking up photos on the Internet for your car’s model from dealerships or on the website of the car makers might help you do this).
Deciding a Price While Thinking Like a Buyer
Deciding how much you want to get for your car is really important when you are selling your car on your own… You have to set a price that you would be happy to get, but also, you want the buyer to be happy to give you that much money as well.
Think of it as if you wanted to buy this car, how much would you pay for it? Does it look like a good deal? Be realistic here, and keep in mind anything that a potential buyer might see as a negative about the car.
The most common strategy here is setting a price a little above what you are willing to get for the car so that you have a little room to settle for a good price.
If your potential buyer starts to haggle (and probably they will), you will still get a price that will make you happy, and the buyer would feel like they have a good deal between their hands.
On the contrary, if you are thinking about selling your car to a dealership, you have no voice in the matter of the price and you have to stick with whatever price they are willing to give you.
You might be able to wiggle your way to a better price if you’re experienced and savvy enough with these matters.
But surely, they won’t give you a much higher price for your car. Keep in mind that you might be surprised by the price they offer you!
And that they also might not budge, in that case you can always walk away and search for a better dealership to get a price you’d feel better with.
Think Like Potential Buyers When Choosing How to Sell Your Car
Dealerships are going to give you an easy way to sell your car, but they 100% will not offer you a price you’re happy with.
While selling your car on your own might give you a good price, but still it is such a time-consuming task that needs a lot of preparation like putting up ads and making phone calls.
Also, asking about the car price so that you’ll know how much to expect for your car. In addition to the haggling with potential buyers which will probably leave you angry and frustrated for so many reasons.
You always have a third option though: In this Story you’ve seen the ups and downs of different ways to sell your car, and how much of a time & effort consuming matter.
You can always use other car buying services for a hassle-free selling service and get your car sold on the spot for a fair price.
They give you a deal and offer you an obligation-free car valuation. Plus, you can get all of it done there and then with no worries about any paperwork.
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