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Safe Driving Tips for Teenagers

Naomi Sarah
These safe driving tips for teenagers will encourage youngsters to abide by what is safe and within the law, when it comes to driving. Let's take a look at how you can be a responsible teen without falling into trouble or compromising on your safety...
Teenagers the world over, wait anxiously to turn 16 or whatever age the state or country law's dictates as the appropriate age for a teen to start driving. It can be quite an experience to finally sit behind the wheel of a car when you take up classes from school or driving lessons available elsewhere.
It gives you a chance to be in charge, and feel all grown up since you can actually drive around and do your own thing without having to depend on an adult to take you around, or of course public transportation. With all that fun, anticipation and giddy headed excitement comes a sense of responsibility that needs to sink into a teenager's head before they take up driving as part of their lives.

Safe Driving Tips for Teens

There are a lot of websites that cover safe driving tips like PlymouthRockAssurance, TeenDriving and AllStateTeenDriver, that teach the young generation of drivers on how to drive safe and respect what the law enforces because it keeps both you and others safe.
Let's take a look at the safe driving tips for teenagers that both parents and adults must make clear to teens before they start driving on a full-time basis after they learn how to drive.
1. After you've acquired knowledge and passed the driving tests assigned to you from your driving instructor, it is important to remember key instructions like checking if your mirrors are well aligned, if you are driving within the speed limit and most importantly to put your seat belt on.
2. The car that you finally end up driving has to be in good shape, top working condition and here's the crucial bit - insured. Without proper car insurance you can never be too certain about what can happen to your car, where paying exorbitantly for car damages will take a toll on your finances.
3. Practice sober driving habits and avoid getting into the driver's seat if you've been drinking. It is important to not only think of what damage you may cause by driving senseless, but what you could possibly do to yourself and those with you in the car.
4. Have someone else take charge if you've had a little too much to drink, and assign someone in the group to remain sober enough to drive you home instead.
5. Do not start driving unless you have passed the necessary tests and been given your driver's license.
6. While driving make sure you always have your indicators on, signaling to those behind you that you are about to take a left/right turn or halt.
7. Don't imitate what you see when drivers overtake others in an attempt to get ahead in traffic, since this could be a bad move on your part should something go wrong when trying this maneuver.
8. Speeding when you aren't supposed to and going beyond what the speed limit flashes at you, is a strict no-no. The last thing you need is to have a wad of speeding tickets tucked away in your wallet or a visit to the station if you repeatedly break the law.
9. When sitting in a friend's car, do not encourage them to break the law and put your foot down to rash driving. After all your safety and theirs is at stake, and the last thing you need is something ugly taking place.
10. Avoid driving late at night since accidents tend to occur frequently between 9 pm and midnight. Rely on an adult to take you around at that hour. Do not depend on a friend your age to take charge of driving at that time of the night.
11. Do not text or answer calls while driving. This is the most common mistake made by drivers on the streets, so at any cost avoid doing these. If it is important, pull up to the side of the road and then do what you need to.
Teenagers have to understand that driving although a fun and independent thing to do, is quite dangerous and something only the responsible should take up. We've all heard about horrible accidents and probably lost people we know to car crashes and the sort. It is wise to do the right thing when it comes to driving and to respect what the law entails and what others advise when it comes to safe driving.