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Maintenance and Repair of RV Refrigerators

Kashmira Lad
RV refrigerators are quite unlike the normal refrigerators that we have at home. Here's some information about the maintenance and repair of the same.
Recreational Vehicle refrigerators or RV refrigerators are very different from the ones that are available in the house. They work off gas or electricity. They do not have a compressor or any moving parts. Further, they works mainly on the principle of absorption. In the same, instead of applying the cold directly, the heat is drawn out totally.
The main theory behind this appliance is to create an absence of heat which comes from an electric heating element or LP gas flame. This heat starts the chemical reaction. When the evaporation and the condensation happens it causes the cooling. The freezer compartment gets frozen or cooled first, and it then transfers to the refrigerator compartment.
Their maintenance needs to be carefully considered. Most of them use gas and electricity together and this can somewhat be dangerous. This is because a spark could cause a fire.

Some Maintenance Tips

☛ The first most important thing would be to keep it clean. The absorption style RV refrigerator is actually a low-maintenance device; there are still plenty of things you can do to keep it from operating efficiently.
The prime reason why it should be kept clean is to prevent any obstructions in the venting systems. Therefore, you will need to clean the soot and dirt that accumulate on the insides of the same.
☛ There are a few things you will have to consider regarding its maintenance. The vibrations caused by the road may cause the deposits to crumble and fall into the burner. This can cause a problem with the flame sensor.
The fine particles create problem once they accumulate inside the burner and reduce the heat output. This would in turn reduce the cooling. This would mean that it might not be cooling, as it should be. In such a situation, you need to pull out the orifice and use a cloth dipped in some alcohol to clean it and allow it to dry.
☛ You have to maintain the right temperature for it to function effectively. Therefore, always keep a thermometer in the same. You have to turn it on and keep it in that condition for several hours, maybe even overnight. Then, you can place a small thermometer in water, so that you can maintain the temperature, as it should not rise above 40 degrees.
☛ Another tip that needs to follow is specifically in the hot weather. This is when the appliance has to work harder to keep itself cooler. In such a situation, you need to get a good ice chest that is filled with ice to store your drinks in the cooler. Do not overfill your appliance, as this needs proper circulation of air for it to function efficiently.
☛ You need to ensure that the air flows through the condenser fins at the top of the cooling unit. You can install this in the rear part of the appliance (Use fans that are thermostatically controlled and can be hooked up to utilize solar power).

Parts and Repair

☛ As mentioned, the prime thing is to keep it clean. There are some things you need to keep in mind to prevent obstructions in the parts of the same. Its repair process can start anywhere from receiving old cooling units, separating them to giving them a good cleaning.
Once the evaporator is removed from all the fluid lines and even the boiler, it is time for the flushing and the welding. Each and every unit needs to be flushed at least twice.
☛ The next step in the process is the welding of the new fluid lines and braces on the evaporator that would assure a proper fit. Then, the evaporator is welded into the coil assembly, which is in the heavy tuber jigs.
These jigs should be of the accurate exact size to fit perfectly in the refrigerator box. During the course of the repair process, the coils are pressure tested at 600lbs.
☛ You can even use a mirror to look into the backside of the appliance and the compartments behind. In such cases, there needs to be a one-inch clearance between the evaporator coils and the walls.
Your appliance may benefit with the addition of baffles. The refrigerator may need to be removed to install the baffles, which may not prove to be very difficult. These also result in an enhanced cooling efficiency.
☛ Here is a way to check if the seal is leaking. Slip a bit of paper between the door and the cabinet of the appliance. Now, close the door. Next, try to pull out the paper from the door and if you don't feel the slight resistance, then the seal is surely leaking. You will need to replace the seal in this case.