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Reflective Helmet Decals

Mamta Mule
What are reflective helmet decals? Are they used for safety or style? This story provides information on the concept, designs, types, and some buying and maintenance tips for these accessories.
Most of you would agree that riding a bike is all about speed. Hence, you surely can't go for a speedy ride without a helmet, not just for the sake of following the laws, but for your safety as well. They are for your safety not only while you drive a bike, but also during sports like cycling, hockey, baseball, football, and many others.
However, do you feel that wearing one is somewhat shabby or that it dampens your stylish image? Then how about jazzing up your helmet to suit your style and enjoying a safe ride or a safe game? All you need are reflective helmet decals, a great adjunct that will enhance your looks and make you stand out in the crowd.


Decals are decorative stickers which reflect in the dark. As the name indicates, they are reflective and, hence, the person wearing a helmet with these stickers can be easily noticed in the dark. Therefore, it works as an added safety feature of your helmet.
The decals are much adored for the way they grace up the helmets. The decals are generally chosen according to the color of the motorcycle or to match the motorcycle decals, to have a complete attractive look. In sports, players generally use them to match their team uniform or their national flag.


These decals come in a wide range of colors like yellow, blue, red, green, white, and orange. Though reflectors are meant for reflecting, choose a color that is bright enough to be visible and which gives the flashing effect. The decal is mostly a combination of shades of one or more colors. This makes it look more gaudy.


The range of designs available is simply huge. Cartoons, flags, animals, flowers, arrows, logos, Chinese symbols, etc., are just a few of the categories you can choose from. Decal designs like flames, lightning bolts, skulls, stripes, checkers, dragons, and eagles are popular choices.
Reflective stripe rolls are also preferred by many as the entire roll can be used to decorate the helmet as well as the vehicle in a unique, creative way.
The sports variants generally come in the form of team logos, team names, players' names, a graphic indicating the sport, alphabets, or the sponsor's logo or name. Besides the above designs, you can also order a personalized design. You can get creative and mix and match the designs to form new patterns.


The size of the decal depends upon the shape and the size of the helmet. The broader the helmet, the larger the decal you can use. The size also depends on the part where you want to stick it. You can stick the stripes on the front part of the helmet, which is the smallest part.
Also, don't pick very thin decals. Though, the narrow ones may be more reflective than the broader ones, it is always better to select the broader options to ensure proper visibility from any angle.
The decals are generally made up of vinyl. You can buy them from any automotive supply store that sells motorcycle parts and equipment. You can also find them at shops selling sportswear or helmets. A kit is a good option. It consists of a set of decals that you can use for your helmet and your vehicle. These being of the same design and color, form a beautiful pattern when you ride the bike.

Things to Remember

  • Remember, safety is your priority, looks come next.
  • Place the biggest piece of decal on the largest area of the helmet.
  • Clean the decal area thoroughly, even if the surface is looking clean. Any dust particle may lead to bubbles.
  • Dry the area where you want to stick the decal.
  • Clean your hands, as any oil may decrease the adherence of the sticker to the surface.
  • Apply the decal step by step, following the manufacturer's directions.
  • Don't be in a haste to see the final output. Be patient and take your own time.
  • Do not stretch the sticker, as stretching may lead to cracks.
  • Move a soft dry cloth over it to help it stick evenly on the desired surface.
  • Read and follow the manufacturer's instructions about the time required for drying, and care to be taken thereafter.
A proper combination of size, color, and design is what gives a perfect look. Deck your headgear with bright and reflective decals to retain your fashionable image and get noticed while you are on the move.