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Reasons to Tint Your Car

Sailee Kale
Getting your car windows tinted is a good idea. Apart from making a car look sleeker, it can actually prove cost-friendly. Find out a few reasons why you should tint your car.
A lot of people feel that cars have tinted windows to offer privacy and to give the car a better appearance. Which one looks sleeker - a stretch limo with tinted windows, or one without it? A tinted limo, no doubt!
Car tinting first appeared way back in the 1960s. A polyester substrate film is used for tinting windows. The coating that is applied has one surface that is scratch-resistant and the other surface that has been coated with adhesive.
Tinted windows are available in a variety of colors, from bronze to gold. Broadly speaking, they fall into two categories, reflective and non-reflective. Car tinting also has numerous advantages, other than enhancing the appearance and offering privacy.

Benefits of Tinting

★ Tinting protects the insides of your car from the harmful rays of the sun and also helps to keep it cool. The intense rays of the sun can dull the cloth fabric of the seats and it can also damage leather coverings. The films available today are very efficient and can block harmful ultraviolet rays by as much as 99%.
Blocking these damaging rays not only helps prevent skin cancer, but also turns out to be friendly on your pockets. You would not need to spend a fortune on replacing your car's faded furnishings. The resale price of a car with old and dull furnishings will also be much lower. A car with tinted windows and less faded furnishings will fetch a better price.
★ Since window tinting keeps the car interior cooler, you eventually tend to spend less on air conditioning and fuel, another energy-friendly and cost-friendly feature. Additionally, if you are going to spend a major part of the day driving around, it's better if you have tinted windows, to protect yourself from the sun's rays as well.
★ Tinting offers the perfect solution for those annoying glares which can put a strain on the eyes. Glares can be caused by either sunlight, snow, or the reflections bouncing back from buildings' windows.
★ Another benefit is that a tinted window will keep glass from shattering, if at all it breaks due to an accident or any environmental factors, keeping you from harm.
★ A darkened window might act as a deterrent for potential thieves and burglars. If they cannot view the insides too clearly, they will hesitate to break into the vehicle.
★ Privacy, as mentioned, is one of the major factors for window tinting. A highly specialized metallic window film used today works in the same way as a one-way mirror. It prevents outsiders from seeing what is inside, but those who are inside get a clear view of the outside.

Points to Consider

Once you have decided to go in for tinted windows, you need to be aware of certain rules and regulations.
★ Window tinting laws differ in every state. Every state has set limits on the percentage of Visible Light Transmission (VLT) through the windows. Some states have restrictions on how dark a film can be used, whereas others have totally banned vehicle owners from tinting the windshield and two front windows.
★ If you own a recreational vehicle, it is advisable to confirm what kind of filming you can use. In most places, RVs are only allowed to use non-metallic films since they are also non-reflective.
★ It is recommended that you get your vehicle's windows tinted from a professional. Although the job is not very difficult, a shop which specializes in window tinting will do the job right, and the film will even last longer.
You can also ask the shop to provide you with a compliance certificate, which can be produced whenever needed, in case you get questioned by the police.
★ If you are interested in tinting the car windows yourself, first clean the windows thoroughly.
Cut the film the exact size as the window and mount it using an adhesive. Then take a squeegee and smoothen the newly tinted window surface to remove any bubbles. The film will take time to dry and adhere to the window.
Care should be taken to see you do not wash or roll down your windows till the film has completely bonded.
So if you want to get your vehicle's windows tinted, check with the authorities for the laws pertaining to your state before you proceed. It's not just privacy, your car will acquire a stylish appearance and you can also enjoy added protection from the sun's rays.