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Reasons to Carpool

Priyanka Kosta Sonkushre
Carpooling can be similar to a joy ride experience if you have the right company. Many more reasons give a thumbs up to it, and this story is for you to know about them.
During World War II, carpooling was used for controlled distribution of goods, services, and resources in the United States. Since then, people have been practicing this way of commutation for convenience. Several years ago, the earth was capable of providing abundant resources for human use.
However, with changing times, these resources have depleted significantly. That's why, many countries are now encouraging citizens to carpool for traveling. Laws have also been devised to regulate carpooling, and these laws differ from state to state. The Department of Motor Vehicles website of each state mentions carpooling laws pertaining to it. If you are a driver and are thinking of joining a carpool, here are the reasons why you should go ahead with it.

Reasons for Carpooling

Do Your Bit to Control Pollution

Pollution is one of the major concerns and with thousands of cars moving on roads, the amount of carbon emissions is increasing day by day. Cars emit dangerous gases like methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide which are contributors towards pollution, and have a harmful impact on the environment. Carpooling definitely helps by bringing fewer cars on roads thereby, reducing pollution to some extent.

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Be a Responsible User of Resources

There will soon be a crisis of essential resources if humans fail to use them responsibly. By joining a carpool, you will prevent unnecessary usage of fuel and contribute towards saving for the future.

Stay Connected

If your work schedule prevents you from taking time out to catch up with your friends, you can do so by forming a carpool with them. What else can be a better option for converting a boring journey into an interesting one, than by catching up on the latest gossip and happenings through your friends. Carpooling will give you an opportunity to spend quality time with your friends.

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Make New Friends

If you love to socialize, what's better than making new friends with similar likes and dislikes through a carpool. When choosing partners to share the drive, you can pick people with similar interests so that your daily journey becomes a means of enjoyment and recreation.

Reduce Traveling Budget

Many people find difficulty in maintaining their traveling budget due to high gas prices. Carpooling can help you in saving money by sharing fuel costs, parking costs, and toll taxes.

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Contribute towards Traffic Reduction

When you carpool for traveling, there are always a few cars less on roads as there would be without it. This has a great impact on traffic, especially during peak hours.

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Enjoy Stress-free Driving

Carpooling calls for more than one driver in the car. This helps in reducing driving stress on one person as the driving part is shared by all drivers on board.

Travel through Carpool Lanes

You get the privilege to drive through special lanes. These lanes are meant only for carpool cars and have less traffic compared to normal lanes. Vehicles with low emission stickers and motorcycles are also entitled to travel through these special lanes.

Save Time

Traveling through carpool lanes automatically saves your time as these lanes have less traffic and are free from disturbance.

Work Schedule Maintenance

If you travel by carpool, you have a fixed schedule of traveling. This means you will have to leave your home and office at the right time because of which, you will have a proper work schedule and will be able to manage time well.

Preferred Parking Space

Employees coming to office by carpools enjoy reserved parking spaces in the office premises as many organizations have now realized the importance of carpooling, and are doing their bit to encourage employees to form groups for traveling.

Enjoy Incentives for Carpooling

Many governments run incentive programs for carpooling, and if you are someone traveling by it, you are surely entitled to get the benefit of incentive plans going on in your city.

Avoid Car Wear and Tear

Carpooling reduces your car's running time which means less wear and tear thereby, enjoying long life and low maintenance.

Help During Emergency

Emergencies arise suddenly and if you are traveling alone, it becomes difficult to manage the situation. However, when you are traveling in a carpool you have help readily available and handling difficult situations becomes quick and easy.
Reasons mentioned here surely point towards the benefits of carpooling. Many people do not choose it due to location and schedule limitation, but such things can be worked out by searching for carpool partners through public websites, carpooling software, or carpooling agencies.
So, if you want to do your bit to save the environment and enjoy the benefits, go ahead and have a fulfilling traveling experience.