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6 Reasons to Buy a Recreational Vehicle

Shweta Ajwani
It looks like your dream to drift away from the maddening urban hustle and bustle, and delve into the serenity and calm of the beautiful countryside, alone or with your loved ones, is finally going to take shape in the near future.
You secretly want to buy a recreational vehicle but are a bit apprehensive about it. This story gives you all the reasons and benefits of buying an RV, and puts your apprehensions to rest.
RV = Recreational Vehicle = Relaxing Vacation!

A recreational vehicle, also commonly known as an RV, is a travel unit (a life-sized motor vehicle) used mainly for recreational purposes of extended road trips, camping, and vacationing.
These vehicles are furnished exclusively to meet the needs of cooking and sleeping while on the go. The motor vehicle houses a kitchen, bedrooms, washrooms, and basically everything you would need to ensure easy and comfort travel, making you feel at home.
RVs are designed for the traveler who loves traveling at leisure, but still needs to feel close to home. However, it is important that you know that the use of these vehicles should not be encouraged for full-time living. That being said, you can benefit immensely from buying or renting an RV for yourself. Read all about the benefits of buying a recreational vehicle in this article.

A Recreational Vehicle ...

... lets you travel at your own pace.

Traveling at leisure is what you get when you travel with your own RV.
You don't have to rush to board scheduled trains, you don't have to fear missing flights, the tour or bus guide does not hover around you, and hasten you from one tourist spot to another, and there are no deadlines to be followed. That is what travel is, taking in moments and capturing them as you ride along; and such moments don't come in haste.
You want to experience a sunset at a particular spot, you park your RV right there and wait for the sun to melt. You think a spot is the perfect place for a family picture, you stop your RV and get a family picture, right there!

... is economical.

You save money at so many places when you travel with your own mobile camper.
You don't have to spend exorbitantly on transportation (airfare, train tickets, etc.), you don't have to shell out bundles of money for spending a single night at an average hotel, you don't have to spend extra bucks on bags and baggage to hold your stuff together.
A used RV can cost as low as USD 10,000 or something as high as USD 2 million. It's all about making the right decision.

... lets you travel with ease and comfort.

You get to set up camp at a place of your choice, you get to sleep right at the place from where you have been driving, you don't have to settle for cheap roadside meals or not-really-tasty-but-so-expensive hotel food, you get to carry your kitchen with you, cook your favorite hot-and-steamy chicken soup, and enjoy it beside a bonfire.
The tour is not hectic and not schedule-driven. There's no travel time-table to be followed, you can decide and come up with your own schedule, and change it too, if you don't feel like sticking to a schedule.

... allows your pet to tag along.

Being a die-hard pet-lover, for this sole reason, I would buy an RV for myself. For those who have been putting off travel for years and years now, just because it breaks their heart to leave their pet behind, this is your ticket.

... gives you your privacy.

At the airport, you are surrounded by a thousand other fliers, in the plane, you are surrounded by a hundred other passengers, in the tour bus, you are surrounded by twenty other passengers, in the hotel you are staying at, you are surrounded by so many other hoteliers! Where is the privacy?
Stop traveling 'normal', buy an RV and travel 'different'. In the RV, it is just you and your loved ones all along. You don't have to compromise on your ways and means of enjoying because of other people in the travel group. An RV trip could also be your honeymoon trip.
Nothing better than traveling privately with your life partner, cozy in each other's company, discovering each other as you discover everything around you as well.

... lets you explore the countryside.

The occasional small town or village skirting the railway lines, the once-in-a-while snow-covered mountain terrain, or hints of lush greenery and tree-tops, this is what you get when you travel by rail or air.
But you hit the road with your RV, and you get to experience what the real countryside is all about. Be amazed as magical hidden secrets reveal themselves, and you discover joy and newfound excitement. An added benefit would be when your kids get in touch with nature, and you get to experience it through their eyes and excitement.
Did this story manage to clear all the doubts you had about a recreational vehicle and the reasons why you should buy it? If yes, then go ahead and get yourself one. It is the one thing which will make you feel at home and one with nature at the same time.
Still need reasons to buy an RV? Watch the 2006 flick 'RV' and see for yourself the amount of fun Robin Williams and his family have while they are out camping!