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Rear View Mirror Replacement

Stephen Rampur
The procedure to replace a rear view mirror is not at all difficult, and it can be done by anyone without any particular expertise. You just need to follow the instructions given here.
There are many people who think that rear view mirror replacement is a very difficult task, and can only be done by a professional mechanic, for which they need to take the car to the repair shop. However, this is a very easy task, and you do not even need complicated tools and equipment.
For replacing the mirror; you would need simple tools such as a razor scraper, a marker pen, paper towels, and a repair kit that can be easily available at your nearby automobile repair shop.


For learning the installation, you first need to know what the mirror system consists of. The set comprises two simple parts known as the mirror, and the 'small arm', also called the 'button'. The mirror is installed on the small arm, which allows it to be swiveled and adjusted.
  • If the mirror is detached from the button, but the button is still set on the windshield, you need to remove the button. To detach the button from the windshield, you should expose the glue to hot air, for which you can use a heat gun or a hairdryer. Once the glue is soft, you can take of the button.
  • Another option is to use acetone. If the mirror is detached along with the button, you are required to clean the surface of the windshield.
  • The surface should be cleaned properly, as there may be some amount of residue from the small arm of the old mirror. However, before cleaning the surface, take a note of the mark, which is left by the residue, as this would help you in deciding where exactly the small arm of the new one should be positioned.
  • You can use a marker pen for marking the appropriate position for the new button to be set. After you mark the proper position, use the razor scraper to clean the residue.
  • While using the razor scraper, make sure that you do not remove the markings that you made for the new installation. Also, clean the surface with the cleaning solution that comes along with the kit.
  • Cleaning the surface of the windshield is very important, if you want the set to last long. Frequent replacements happen due to the application of the new adhesive on an unclean surface. The cleaner the surface is, the more fixed the seal of the small arm will be. You also need to clean the new small arm with the solution that comes with the set.
  • Now, is the time, to set the new small arm on the surface of the windshield. However, before that, make sure that you can see the marks on the surface clearly for proper positioning.
  • Put some amount of adhesive on the button, using the adhesive tube from the kit. Ensure that you do not use a lot of adhesive on the button. If too much adhesive is used, it will not allow the button to glue to the surface as expected.
  • Stick the small arm accurately on the marks, and let it dry for approximately 15 minutes. After drying it out, install the mirror onto the small arm. Make the necessary adjustments, and you are ready to go!
These are the basic steps of rear view mirror replacement. If you are thinking of repairing the car's rear view mirror monitor, it is recommended to take help from a car repair professional.