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Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Car

Uttara Manohar
Asking the right questions to the owner can make the experience of purchasing a used vehicle less intimidating. Here are some of them, which will help you to approach this process with confidence.
Buying a new car is an important decision, which has to be well thought of beforehand when it is a used one. People who can't afford the swanky new cars often prefer buying it, which is often more affordable than a new model.
However, it can only be profitable if it is in sound condition; sound enough to invest an affordable amount and restore its condition. If you are planning to go for it, you should be prepared to invest a lot of time in inspecting the vehicle and ensure that it is worth buying.
Although there are owners who are very honest about the status of the car engine and other functioning information, there are some who would trick you into buying a vehicle, which is in poor condition.
While dealing with used cars, owners will not willingly disclose all the information about the vehicle, unless you ask for it. It is your responsibility to ask him/her the vital questions that will help you to analyze its condition. Do not make your final decision until you are completely aware regarding all of its positive and negative aspects.

When did You Buy This Vehicle and From Where?

It is better to ensure that it has been bought from a reliable dealer or other reliable source. You should also check whether the owner possesses all the legal documents of its ownership.
After all, you don't want to end up buying a stolen car and end up in trouble. Also, knowing when it was purchased will help you to realize how old or new the model is and thus, you can decide whether you should buy it.

Why do You Want to Sell This Vehicle?

Most of the time (if not in all cases), the owner takes a decision to sell it because he is not satisfied with some of its aspects. If there are any problems that the owner mentions, it is easier for you to decide whether it is worth investing in car repairs, in order to restore its condition.
Often, at times, the owner decides to sell a used car in good condition, only because he/she wants to purchase a new one. So, whatever the answer you get, asking this question will help you to know what exactly is its condition.

How Would You Describe The Condition of The Car?

The basic things that you should look for include the engine condition, the mileage, the overall condition of its parts, and the interior and external appearance. You can always get it painted or redo the interiors, but are you willing to invest in a damaged leaking engine or worn-out breaks?
While purchasing such a car, the vehicle's mileage is an important indicator of its value. Sometimes, you might find that the odometer might be non-functional or shows erroneous reading. It is better to reject this vehicle if this is the case.

What Investments Have You Made in the Car for Servicing, Insurance, or Additional Enhancements?

It is essential to find out how often it is serviced and how carefully the owner has maintained it in terms of regular oiling and servicing. To confirm the information, you can ask for service records, as well as additional investments in things like car interiors or accessories like air conditioning system, stereo, or a GPS navigator.
Make sure that the owner has maintained the vehicle well and is honest about its entire information. Also, ask if it has been in an accident, and if yes, what were the damages incurred.

Does It Come with a Warranty?

Yes, even a used car can be sold with a certain minimum warranty from the owner. You don't want to end up buying one that goes kaput the very next day.
Even a meager warranty of say two months or say a thousand miles will add some credibility to the deal. Although this is not a must, it certainly increases the credibility of the owner and reassures you about your investment.
After having asked these questions, you can swiftly move on to the price negotiations. Always ask how much the owner is looking for, and then try to negotiate the price based on how much you are willing to spend.
Also, before making a final decision, it is always better to get its condition evaluated from a person you trust. This will help you to get an unbiased opinion about the car and help you decide whether you should buy it.