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Powder Coating Rims

Powder coating can make your rims durable and attractive. Keep reading ahead to know more about powder coating rims, including the process and some tips on getting it done just right...
Niharika Arya
Whether it is a car or a motorbike, you need to take care of its maintenance and worn off parts. Regular servicing and painting will give your automobile parts a new look. Painting though gives new shiny look to the parts, does not help with its durability.
One of the effective ways of making your car look good, attractive and durable is powder coating. Powder coating rims can make your vehicle parts durable as well as resistant to scratches. They are very effective in saving the rims from the effect of heat, corrosion and other environmental conditions.
Not only this, you can also get different color powder coating like red, silver, blue, black, copper, etc. So, let's find out some more information and method to powder coat your vehicles rim.

How to Powder Coat Rims

If you are wondering how to powder coat rims, then let me tell you one thing. The powder coating process is very easy and does not require any special training. So save the cost by performing it yourself. You just need to have the proper equipment and guidance to perform the work. Following are some of the steps which you need to follow while performing the powder coating.
Things Required
  • Paint of required color.
  • Paint sprayer for powder coating.
  • Oven which can reach a temperature of 400º F
  • Goggles to protect your eyes
  • The foremost thing to do is to prepare the rim for the process of powder coating. So take out the rim from the vehicle and clean it properly. You can clean it up with detergent but don't forget to dry it before you apply the powder coat. Let it dry properly and then proceed further with the process.
  • Once the rim dries completely, place it over the oven rack. The oven rack should be flat and level. An uneven rack may result in running the powder coat to one side. So get a flat rack to get best results.
  • Now fill the paint in the paint sprayer, wear your protective eye goggles and start with the powder coating of the rims. Apply an even layer and repeat it if you want a darker color.
  • Preheat the oven to 400º F. Once the oven is heated, place the rim with the rack inside the oven. Place it properly, close the oven and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes at the same temperature, i.e. 400º F. This will help the rim to bond with the paint. Powder coating chrome rims can also be performed under the same temperature.
After the mentioned time, take out the rack from the oven with the rim. Handle it carefully as it will be extremely hot. Place it somewhere outside and let it cool for at least 3 to 4 hours. After cooling, place the rim back in its place as you are done with powder coating process.

Things to Remember

Following are some of the things which you need to keep in mind while coating rims. Have a look.
  • Take proper precautionary measures like wearing goggles to protect eyes and hand gloves while handling the oven.
  • Clean the rims properly as any dirt, oil or even soap will hinder the binding between the rims and paint.
  • Try to bake the paint in a spare oven. This will not spoil your oven which is used for cooking.
  • Work in a properly ventilated place.
  • Do not exceed the temperature above 400ºF as it will weaken the rims and the paint will not stay on it for a longer time.
So this was the process of powder coating. Although it is an easy process, you may not come up with a good finish at the first go. It will happen when you get a hang of it. But if you want a perfect finish and are ready to invest money, then the powder coating rims price is somewhere in the $1000 - $3000 range for cars and about $100 for a motorcycle.
So, protect you rims from corrosion and other environmental conditions and give them a shiny and attractive appearance.