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Pickup Truck Rentals

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Pickup truck rentals come in handy when shifting to a new house. Almost all household items, can be easily moved to the desired destination by taking the help of a pickup truck rental service.

Points to Remember

Before hiring a truck of any company, be well aware of the terms and conditions, and ensure that the rental truck is in good working condition.
Picture this scenario: You are remodeling your house that requires buying new furniture. Bringing furniture pieces such as a cupboard from the furniture shop to your house can be a tedious task.
To make things easier, renting a pickup truck is the best option. Many people moving to a new house hire a pickup truck to transport their luggage and home appliances, like refrigerators and televisions, to the desired destination.

Pickup Trucks

● It is a truck with its rear part open. There are dual benefits of this modified design of the truck.
● It becomes simple to load goods on to this large vehicle and  open back portion of the truck also helps to unload goods.
● Thus, loading and unloading would have never been so easy before had the truck been closed from all sides.
● Some pickup trucks have a gate or door like structure on the back side and one has to simply open it when it comes to loading and unloading goods.
● If the back side of this truck has a rooftop, then it puts restrictions on the height of goods that need to be transported from one place to another.
● For instance, a tall refrigerator or a cupboard might not necessarily fit on a pickup truck with a rooftop. In such a scenario, renting a truck with an open back is a good option.
● You could also carry your motorbike on a pickup truck to a garage for repair.
Pickup trucks are manufactured in different sizes. The large ones that work on V8 engine are able to carry heavy loads and might suit your requirements, if you have large number of goods to transport over a long distance from one city to another.
It is observed that Dodge Dakota and Chevrolet Colarado are some of the most sought after pickup trucks.Although, these are mid-sized vehicles, they are designed for 2-4 passengers and the open rear area is reserved for cargo.
Cargo area of Dodge Dakota is often used for carrying motor bikes. Families often use these mid-sized vehicles to go for an outing. This is because when the cargo area is not used for carrying goods, as many as 6 adults can easily accommodate in the vehicle.

For Personal Use

In case you are planning a trip in the mountains that requires crossing rough terrain, then what better way than using big pickup trucks designed for personal use.
These trucks have ample space for your family to sit and relax as well as provide excellent mileage and performance off-road, and have different types of beds, that may be short and long. Other features, like automatic transmission and air conditioners, make the drive friendly and comfortable.


The delivery charges are dependent on a number of factors. For traveling long distances, the charges are higher. The rates are also based on the size of the truck. Larger the size, higher the cost.
Transportation cost also depends on the amount of luggage items the truck is expected to carry. Be ready to shell out a considerable amount of money for heavy luggage. An easy way to decrease the expenses would be to cut down the delivery charges by packaging and loading items yourself.


For transporting 4 wheelers, you need to attach a trailer to your pickup truck. A trailer is basically a non powered vehicle on which your car is kept for towing. You need to select a pickup truck that provides a good towing capacity (the permissible weight a vehicle can pull effectively).

Rental Services

Pickup truck rental service is provided by a number of companies and agencies. You can also avail the services of a reputed company online. There are websites that give information of companies offering pickup truck rental services.
These pickup trucks are well maintained, so there is no question of breakdown on the road. Companies such as Dodge and Ford provide top quality pickup trucks that are reliable on and off the road.
Some of the features of pickup trucks are also called truck accessories, that can be opted for at the time of rental are as follows:
  • Loading ramps to make it easy to load and unload different items on and off the truck
  • Furniture pads to protect furniture pieces from damage during transportation
  • Tie down straps to safely secure your loaded items
Pickup truck rental service may differ from one company to another. For instance, some companies do not provide any driver. You may also have to pack the luggage from one destination and unload it once the truck reaches the desired destination.
People having a valid truck driving license generally prefer to drive on their own. However, most companies, considering the convenience of their customers, do all the packing and loading of household goods. Along with the driver, these companies also provide men for unloading the items from the truck.

One Way Pickup Truck Rental

This kind of service allows you to hire a truck at your place, but when it comes to giving the truck back, you can return it at some other location. For instance, if you are living in New York City and rent a pickup truck to travel to a nearby town, you can return the truck in that town in case the company has an office there.
One way pickup trucks are quite affordable and one can save a considerable amount of money on transportation cost.
Designed for carrying goods over short distances, pickup trucks can fulfill all your transport needs. Pickup truck rentals service provide a stress free way to transport most of your belongings to the desired place during a home improvement project. The service is ideal when the items to transport are not too many and the distance to travel is not very long.