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Parking Brake Repair

Rahul Thadani

A vehicle's parking brake is an integral part and it can help avoid a lot of dangerous situations. Regularly carrying out its repair job is a vital task that must not be overlooked under any circumstances.
The parking brake of a vehicle is a vital component of the automobile, as it prevents the car from rolling along when it is parked. This is a highly useful option to have, and its repairing is an aspect that must not be ignored at any cost. Many people often overlook this task, and the consequences of doing so can be quite dire. So, take responsibility and carry it out as soon as possible.
The parking brake mechanism is a secondary system in a vehicle, and it can be used independently. It is also known as the hand brake, as it is operated with the hands.
This is used when the car is not moving, so there is less inertia to overcome, therefore it is not as strong as the regular brakes, and does not require that much force either. If you are carrying out a complete repairing job by yourself or are leaving your car in a tuck shop, ensure that the repair is carried out effectively.
Automobiles that work on automatic transmission rarely require the use of the parking brake, as the 'Park' option fulfills the same purpose. But it must be used occasionally because it helps free up the cables within the mechanism and avoid corrosion of this system.
It also serves as an emergency brake to avoid car crashes, and it can be used in case the regular braking system malfunctions. Repair will be easier to carry out once you understand its working mechanism.

Mechanism of Parking Brake

Vehicles that have 4 wheel disc brakes have the brake pads pushed up against the rotor, by the caliper pistons. This is usually achieved by a screw mechanism inside the caliper piston, and this mechanism is initiated by the parking brake.
On the other hand, vehicles that make use of rear drum brakes, are initiated by it by pulling a set of cables which are attached to the secondary brake shoes. Pulling the brake pulls both these pairs of shoes outward against the drums.
This is the first thing that mechanics look for, and it goes without saying, that some basic knowledge about the workings of the brake system must be present beforehand. Car safety is not simply about getting things repaired when trouble crops up, it's about preventing car problems from arising.
Another very important factor for the functioning of this brake is the parking brake cable. Anyone who knows how to repair it will know the importance of the cable, and will definitely look at it with great scrutiny. The adjustment of the cable will determine the effectiveness of the brake itself, and the mechanic will have to ensure that it is not too tight and not too loose.
Rust is one of the primary culprits for causing the parking brake to not work properly. This rust must be eliminated from the entire mechanism, so as to ensure its smoothness. The presence of rust can cause the cables to bind together, and this can prove to be a major hindrance to the working of the mechanism.
Rust can cause more trouble when the brake is used at the time of an emergency, and it can even cause the vehicle to spin and spiral out of control.
Ensure that your mechanic checks for rust and gets rid of it completely, especially on the equalizer linkage. This again interferes with the release and the application of the brake, and can prove dangerous in some situations.
It is important to lubricate and then check the working of the cable and the equalizer linkage, to see if the brake is able to hold the vehicle, and also to remove any obstructions in its working.

Repairing Cost

The total cost of this repair job depends on a variety of factors. The size of the shop, the extent of the damage, the number of parts disassembled, and the total time it takes for the labor to fix the problem all determine what will be the total cost.
It can range from anything between $495-$480. So it is advisable to take your vehicle to a mechanic you know and have dealt with before, or else you may end up getting ripped off.
If you do not already know the importance of a parking brake, then you need to get a bit more aware about the safety concerns of getting it done. Failure to do so can lead to a lot of seriou damage you and/or others and it is best to be as well prepared as possible, in case such a situation arises.