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Oxygen Sensor Replacement Cost

Omkar Phatak
What is the cost of replacing an oxygen sensor? What are the symptoms that indicate its malfunctioning? Read to get all the answers.
The beauty of a car is not just skin-deep or paint-deep. You can appreciate the beauty of design even better, if you understand the working of its complex internal mechanism. Many car parts centered on the engine, work together to make a smooth drive possible.
If the engine is the heart of a car, its brain is the engine control unit (ECU), which is a minicomputer that controls its working. For the brain of the car to function, it needs feedback about the current status of the engine and other subsidiary systems. This information is provided by feedback devices like the oxygen sensor.
If your car problem has been diagnosed to be the failure of this sensor, then you might want to know what the replacement cost is.


The purpose of installing the sensor is to detect the levels of oxygen in the exhaust gases, to calibrate the air-to-fuel ratio accordingly, for optimum engine performance. From the quantity of oxygen in the exhaust, one can determine whether the fuel mixture is rich or lean.
It is one of the important feedback components of electronic fuel injection systems in modern cars, which makes emission control possible. The air-to-fuel ratio is adjusted, according to the signal received from the oxygen sensor. When this sensor malfunctions, engine problems may occur.

Symptoms of a Bad Sensor

If the sensor fails, engine efficiency takes a hit. Knowledge of the symptoms, indicating its failure, will help you know when to replace it. One of the prime symptoms is a pronounced drop in the mileage of the engine.
Besides this, you will notice that the engine fails periodically and delivers an erratic performance. If you notice any of these signs, it is time to get it replaced.

Replacement Cost Estimate

The cost of an oxygen sensor will depend on the make of your car. Check out the manual for exact details regarding the type that your car needs. The cost will have two prime components. One will be the cost of the sensor itself and second will be the labor charges for replacement.
You can check the cost of sensors on the Internet. Expert mechanics recommend a replacement after every 100,000 miles. Periodic sensor testing is recommended. Some car models have more than one of them. The cost of an oxygen sensor, depending on the car model, will be anywhere between $100 and $500. Add to it, an additional $100 to $150 as labor charges.
You could save on the cost by pulling off the whole repair job on your own, provided you possess the requisite technical expertise. However, it is best to leave the job to an expert car mechanic, who knows his way around the car interiors, and pay him reasonably for a job well done.