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10 Most Expensive Auto Repairs and How to Prevent Them

Bindu swetha
Anyone who has owned a car will definitely know the pain of taking the car to a mechanic. We have put forth a list of 10 auto repairs that can burn a hole in your pocket, and have given you simple ways to prevent them.
80% of vehicles are in need of service or repairs right now; nearly 9 million U.S. drivers have ignored their car's check engine light for three months or more.- CarMD
Auto repairs are inevitable even if you have a base model car. According to CarMD Corp., the device that keeps a track of your car's health, cars that are being manufactured today have become complex to repair. This means that you will have to shell out more money whenever you take your car to the garage.
This write-up highlights some of the most common auto repairs.

Expensive Auto Repairs

The camshaft controls the flow of air to your engine by opening and closing valves. Due to this motion of the valves, it is necessary to keep them lubricated. However, if this part of your vehicle goes bad, your car will give poor mileage, not to mention the degradation in its performance.
Extensive damage to the car is more likely if you don't change the entire unit.

Approximate Price: $ 8,500

Prevention: Keep changing the engine oil regularly, and get all the valves adjusted.
Fuel Injection
The injection pump supplies fuel to the engine cylinders in the required quantities. However, a clogged fuel injection pump means inconsistent fuel flow. Your car will run normally for some miles, but will suddenly sputter for a few miles before running normally again.
The most common problem that will arise due to the failure of the fuel injection system is difficulty while starting the car.

Approximate Price: $2,900 onwards

Prevention: Change the fuel filters as per the car's maintenance schedule.
Turbocharger Assembly
This is the car's power unit, which helps force air through the engine, allowing more fuel and thus, increasing the power. Your car runs smoothly at high speeds because of this unit. As the turbochargers/superchargers operate at higher rotational speeds, they are subject to wear and tear.
Approximate Price: $400 to $3,000

Prevention: Regularly change the oil to keep the turbocharger assembly lubricated.
Catalytic Converter
If you care about the environment, you must take care of the catalytic converter. The converter burns off excess hydrocarbons in the exhaust, thus keeping the engine clean. If this assembly fails, the vehicle will consume more fuel, thus increasing your expenses.
Approximate Price: Up to $2,250
Prevention: Avoid letting the car idle for long periods. If your car has run more than 100,000 miles, make sure to get the catalytic converter checked.
Torque Converter Assembly
This assembly allows an automatic transmission to shift gears without stalling the engine. The transmission is done with the help of a fluid. In cases when the converter overheats, there is a leak which can stop the car from running. Thus, you need to pay special attention to this problem.
Approximate Price: $600 - $1000

Prevention: Do not accelerate when you have stepped on the brake.
Hybrid Inverter Assembly
This assembly is available in hybrid vehicles. The inverter converts direct-current to alternating-current. The inverter doesn't fail very frequently, but when it does, repair costs are very high.
Approximate Price: $4,000 to $7,400

Prevention: There is no way that you can prevent such a failure, beyond looking closely to your engine's error warnings.
Hybrid Battery
A hybrid vehicle is great to use unless you encounter problems. The hybrid battery doesn't need replacement every now and then, but when it does, it can cost you a ton, depending on your car make and model.
Approximate Price: $1000 - $6000

Prevention: It is advised not to drive your hybrid in hot weather conditions because extreme heat leads the battery to discharge at a faster pace. Instead, drive it in mild climates.
Spark Plugs and Cylinder Head Assembly
Spark plugs give the necessary electrical energy to ignite the air/fuel mixture, to initiate the combustion process. Generally speaking, problems with the spark plug means your vehicle will not move. If spark plug problems are ignored, it could heat up the cylinders.
Approximate Price: $3,500

Prevention: Keep a close watch at the check engine light. If it flashes, it indicates there is a misfire, which can mean spark plug problems. Do not keep on driving after the warning.
Transmission Assembly
The transmission assembly will draw power from the engine and transmit it to the wheels, to move them. This assembly comprises the gearbox and its powering components. In an automatic transmission, the gearshift is powered by hydraulic pressure, while in manual transmission, the shift is powered by using the clutch.
Approximate Price: $800 - $1500

Prevention: Avoid making sudden stops, or suddenly downshifting to stop. Also, check your idling and ensure that it is not too fast. Make sure to service your vehicle regularly, as mentioned in the manufacturer's service manual.
Cylinder replacement is considered to be one of the costliest repairs because the mechanic has to disassemble the entire engine in order to replace the parts. Though the repair is not very common, one must not neglect the warning signs like misfire.
Approximate Price: $8,000 onwards

Prevention: Always maintain the coolant level and make regular checks on leaks. Also, keep looking for warning error codes.
Disclaimer: Prices may vary depending on the make of the car and the region of repair.