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Leather Seat Care

Sonia Nair
Leather seat covers look elegant and rich, but special care is required to maintain their looks. Here are some tips to take care of such seat covers.
Leather seat covers have always been associated with style and elegance. However, they can be expensive and require special care for maintaining the looks. Apart from the classy looks, leather seats are durable and stain-resistant. They require regular care, that includes cleaning and conditioning. Without proper care, the leather can become dull, dry, and cracked. The material will lose luster and flexibility.

How to Care for Leather Car Seats

Unlike other materials used for making seat covers, leather is very delicate. It is infused with essential protectants at the time of manufacturing itself. However, with regular use, these protectants lose their potency, making the leather susceptible to damage caused by dirt, dust, oil, and sunlight. In order to maintain its texture and sheen, you have to clean and condition the leather, on a regular basis.


Leather is actually dead skin only. Even though, it is infused with protectants at the time of production; with regular use, dirt and dust can get ingrained into the material. Apart from that, climatic conditions can also make it dry. So, regular cleaning is a must to avoid dry and dirty seats with cracks.
Leather seats should not be cleaned with water and soap. The material will shrink and harden, if water is used for cleaning. Even greasy and waxy products should be avoided for cleaning, as they can attract dust and dirt.
All you have to do is to wipe down the seats with a clean and soft cloth, on a regular basis. Good quality leather cleaners can be used once in every three months.


Leather has to be hydrated at regular intervals, so as to avoid drying and cracking. As we moisturize our skin, this material too needs some moisture supply, to retain its sheen. It can be hydrated with a leather conditioner. Make sure to buy a good quality conditioner, that has to be applied over the seats.
All you have to do is to spread the solution on the seats, and wipe them with a soft cloth. You have to apply the conditioner on the seats liberally, so that the moisturizing agents in the conditioner, are absorbed by the leather.
Once you are done with the wiping, the seats must be left with a wet film over them. As the conditioner dries, buff the seats with a dry, clean cloth.
In short, cleaning and conditioning are two important parts of regular leather seat care. Apart from that, you must also protect these seats from direct sunlight, that can make them dry and develop cracks. You can use sun shades for this purpose. Leather should not remain wet for a long time. In case of spills, clean at the earliest, by blotting with a soft cloth. Don't use regular upholstery cleaners on leather seats. With proper care, leather seat covers will remain soft, fresh, and clean, and will last longer.