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Hybrid Car Batteries

Stephen Rampur
Batteries are one of the sources from which hybrid cars get power to run. Read about hybrid car battery life expectancy, replacing cost, and other relevant factors.
If you are worried about rising fuel prices and environmental pollution caused by cars, the best option is to use hybrid cars. These are vehicles which use the power of the internal combustion engine, as well as energy from batteries to run.
The car battery contributes power to the self-propelling movement of the car, resulting in less usage of gasoline by the engine. For smooth and long running of these environment-friendly vehicles, their batteries should be maintained.


Typically, nickel-metal-hydride batteries, also known as NiMH batteries, are installed in hybrid vehicles. They work very well in providing sufficient power to the car, with an output of four to five miles per kilowatt hour.
Lithium-ion batteries, also referred to as Li-ion batteries, are probably the best solution for hybrid cars. The batteries store adequate power to run the car for around 25 miles on just electric power.
One of the ways in which hybrid car batteries get recharged is a method known as regenerative braking. When brakes are applied in conventional gasoline cars, some amount of energy is lost. But in the case of hybrid vehicles, when brakes are pumped, energy is transferred to the battery, which would otherwise be lost in the process.


Manufacturers claim the battery life to be of 8 to 10 years or 80,000 to 100,000 miles, but can even pass this limit. If used with proper maintenance, hybrid car battery life expectancy can go well beyond what the manufacturers claim.
Some car owners say the average battery life extended from around 150,000 to 200,000 miles. As the battery is used over time, their capacity to hold charge may deteriorate.


A negative thing about batteries for these autos is their cost, which may even go up to a few thousand dollars. Companies providing extended battery warranties is a good alternative to lower the cost of battery replacement.
The cost of batteries for hybrids may range from USD 1000 to USD 6000. If you are thinking of lessening the cost, a good option is to go in for batteries from out-of-service automobiles. In this way you can purchase quality batteries at a discounted price.


Recycling is to be done if the batteries have almost neared their expiry date. If you want to recycle the old battery, you will need to find a dealership which accepts old batteries. There are also some car companies who are ready to pay dealers providing old batteries to be recycled.
Do not remove the battery yourself and throw it in the bin. The battery may contain some harmful contents which can act as pollutants in the environment. Even if they are dead car batteries, they may have some amount of power which can be released if the battery is handled inappropriately.
There is a lot of research going on with hybrid car batteries for the purpose of coming up with better alternatives for providing power to these vehicles. If you want more information, it is suggested that you contact the nearest car dealership in your locality.