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How to Tint Car Windows

Gaurav Shimpi
Tinting the windows of your car can protect you immensely against the harmful sunrays and also help maintain some privacy when needed. What more, it could make your car look like a supercar.
After using the parking spot on the road for a couple of months while at work, many realize that the sunlight throughout the day has been damaging the upholstery in the car and leaving behind an irregular smell from the seats and cushions. Besides, the need for some privacy at times is also felt. Tinting the windows is the answer to this. The entire process is not that difficult if you follow certain steps. And thanks to the DIY kit instructions, this can be a cakewalk.


1. Decide the tint color according to your choice or according to the law in your state. Ready-made films are available in the market for specific models.
2. If you don't wish to buy the pre-cut film, you can cut it yourself. Remember to cut it according to the measurements taken from the inside of the window.
3. Before you start, make sure the window is clean. Remove any stickers or caulking that may be present.
4. Sometimes, the radio antenna, cell phone components or even the inner flaps of the door can cause a hindrance. Make sure that anything on or around the interior of the window is out of the way.
5. Keeping dust away is a tough job, so wash the window with soap water. Use a squeegee or a razor to clean the rubber sealed edges of roll ups and roll downs.
6. Now, start with the tinting process. Place the film on the wet side, position it right, squeeze the excess water out.
7. Spread some adhesive solution on the tint film, this will hold the film from peeling off. Apply the adhesive solution towards the edges. Make sure the edges are properly placed and fit without any air bubbles.
8. You can also use a spreading knife or spatula to help the tint fit tightly at the edges or corners.
9. To reduce the air bubbles or to get rid of the moisture, if any, make use of a heat gun or dryer and squeeze it with a towel horizontally.
10. If it isn't illegal in your country, you can tint the front windshield using the same procedure.
11. For the rear window, the procedure will remain the same, the only difference will be to avoid the defroster line. You can cut the rear film in a panel or sections, and apply them accordingly or trim or cut the film over the defroster lines.

Tinting Prices

The costs can vary from $150 to $600. They vary, based on type and quality of the film. For a four door passenger car, costs could range between US $199- 400, including a one year warranty. So instead of wasting money by going to a professional, you can buy a do-it-yourself kit for US $80 to $100 and install it yourself, which usually works for most.
Tinted windows also add to the aesthetic value of your car interior. In case of a breakage or an accident, it can help to hold the glass window together without cracking and disintegrating it, which saves you from getting hurt.