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How to Survive a Motorcycle Crash

Reshu Mehrotra
Motorcycle riders are much more susceptible to accidents as compared to a truck driver. Many things may lead up to a mishap and driving safely is important for the riders. Here are the safety measures which should be adopted in order to survive a motorcycle crash.
Riding a motorcycle can be fun and a thrilling adventure but when safety is not exercised, this fun, in no time, can turn into a horror. According to the statistics available with United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 5,286 motorcyclists lost their lives in accidents.
Also, many independent studies were carried out which reported at least 72% of motorcycles were involved in crashes and out of these at least 40% were cases of driving under influence of alcohol. Even with many repeated warnings, many motorcyclists tend to have no regard for rules. This disregard has caused accidents which could be avoided with safe driving.
Many motorcyclists drive at high speeds on highways which are already jammed with vehicles. Many of these riders maneuver their vehicles at such high speeds that any car or truck driver cannot identify that a vehicle has passed them. This type of driving easily results in fatal accidents.
In many accidents, motorcyclists always tend to jump in other lanes while the other vehicle has already shown an indicator, impairing the judgment of other driver. You are responsible for your actions therefore, you are responsible to abide by the rules and regulations.

Speed Limit

Speed is a major reason for many accidents. Read any newspaper, you will find the reports of speeding motorists involved in fatal accidents. Do not attempt any antics on your motorcycle. You are not enrolled for a circus antic but you are responsible to drive under speed limit so, do resist aggressive driving.

Smallest Vehicle

Though this small vehicle has great speeding qualities, but its major disadvantage is that it falls in the blind spot zone of trucks, cars and RVs easily.
As the protection level is very low as compared to cars which have seat belts and air bags, this makes the motorcyclists more vulnerable to accidents. Take precautions as to not ride alongside of a vehicle. Also, be alert as any vehicle can pull up in front of you.
On highways, especially crowded ones, ride within the speed limit or slow down if there is a traffic jam. Do not ride in such areas at high speed as these are danger areas because many vehicles may turn at any intersection and you can be an easy target.

Protective Gear

With onset of any disease we take prevention measures in form of vaccines. Similarly, while driving, it's important to wear protective gear because it protects from forceful impact suffered from accidents. That is why helmets are of a major priority for bikers.
Motorcyclists need to wear government approved helmets as these avoid injuries to head. Also, wear eye protection goggles so as to avoid getting hit by pebbles or insects. Wearing a reflective wear is better than wearing black as at night it's impossible for a car driver to notice you.
Also, it's better to cover yourself properly. For e.g., gloves are a must in winter and summer as well as boots rather than sneakers or flip flops. Boots especially for motorcycle riding are for the protection to your feet.

Weather Conditions

It's better to drive in summer time only if you remain constantly hydrated. In the winters, dressing up properly can help you to avoid hypothermia. During rainy season, try to avoid driving bikes as the rain can interfere with your driving ability.
Also, while driving do keep a survival kit with you which has whistle, important phone numbers and a travel first aid kit. On intersections, stop and see if any vehicle is approaching from any side. If not, slowly drive but do not drive at higher speeds as it may be an invitation for disaster.

Food and Drink

It's important to eat light while driving. Avoid heavy foods as you might be feel a bit sleepy and this may hamper your driving. Do not consume alcohol at all while driving because for bikers, even a minimal amount of alcohol can result in impairing the ability to take decisions while driving like braking or changing lanes.
Also, if you are tired after a long journey, do not drive as many bikers have committed this mistake and found themselves in a crash. Find a place to relax and resume your journey when you feel fresh and alert.
Many riders would like to follow the roads which have less or no traffic but in reality, the opposite is better. If you want to explore some scenic places then do carry GPS and personal locator beacon with you as these items will really be helpful in case of emergency.
Also try to ride in groups or with a friend as it helps if you are involved in emergency situations. Try to go in for a comprehensive insurance package which covers most aspects related to medical treatment for injury while driving. Even though the list is endless, these tips are important from the point of view of surviving a motorcycle crash.