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How to Survive a Car Crash

Priyanka Kosta Sonkushre
A car crash can leave you with serious injuries which can greatly hamper your lifestyle. Though car accidents occur frequently, they can be averted with little cautiousness. This Story covers a few tips that can be followed to survive a car crash.

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Accidents, and particularly street and highway accidents, do not happen - they are caused. ~Ernest Greenwood
It is rightly said that road accidents do not happen by chance, they are a result of someone's carelessness and inattentiveness. A carefree attitude while driving is the major cause of road accidents. Out of all the road accidents, car accidents are the most common ones, be it a car crash with another car or a collision with another kind of vehicle. Whichever it be, human life is bound to be affected.
Safe driving should be one of the prime concerns for a driver. Following safe driving rules reduces the chances of accidents to a large extent. Recollecting a few survival tips in mind, when an accident cannot be averted, and putting them in practice can minimize the damage and help in the survival of the passengers.
This post is restricted to car accidents as they unfortunately, are quite common.

Tips to Survive a Car Crash

A car crash can be extremely dangerous and devastating. In some accidents, the damage is restricted to the vehicle, but in others it extends to people traveling in the car. Whether the crash affects the vehicle, the people, or both there is a loss which cannot be rectified. To survive a car accident, it is necessary to take note of a few things and work on it.

Preventive Measures

Any adverse situation can be prevented if we are cautious and prepared. Car accidents can be prevented by ensuring that the car engine, brakes, tires, and other components of the car are in a good condition and feasible for driving. Several car collisions occur due to non-functioning of brakes and damaged tires. Such accidents can be averted by simply ensuring that they are in a well-maintained condition.
Not all cars are equipped with airbags. Old cars usually, do not have this safety feature. Therefore, it is better if you opt for a car with maximum safety features. In case you are not in a position to arrange a car with the required safety features, make sure to check the feasibility of the available features. Regular check-up of the car and its safety arrangements prepares it for an accident, if at all it occurs.

Practice Safe Driving

Safe driving is the key to escape dangerous accidents. In case an accident cannot be escaped from, due to faulty driving of someone else, a person following safe driving techniques will be able to handle the situation in a better way because of his attentiveness and focused driving. Following traffic laws while driving in traffic areas or highways and maintaining speed limit is important. Distractions by mobile phones, music, maps, and other things should not affect a person's driving.
Keeping a watch on accident-causing things always helps. Individuals alighting out of parked cars, pedestrians, and careless drivers can become potential cause for accidents. It is therefore important to anticipate a collision and take necessary steps to avoid it.

In Case of an Upcoming Accident

There are times when we can foresee an accident and have a little time in hand before actually crashing onto the other vehicle. In such situations, a prompt action is required. One should stay calm and try to respond quickly. Here is what can be done -
  • Stay calm. This will help you in taking correct decisions about optimum acceleration or braking required to minimize the damage.
  • Lower the speed before collision as it can reduce its aftereffects.
  • Avoid jerky motion of the steering wheel as it can result in skidding.

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  • Apply brakes or speed up at the right time to escape a collision.
  • Protect your head from banging onto the steering wheel or interior of the car as a brain injury can be very dangerous.
  • In case the car skids after the collision and you are conscious, do not panic and apply brakes. Rather hold the steering wheel firmly and turn it in the direction of the skid which will stabilize the car.

Contact Emergency Services after an Accident

If an accident occurs, and you are in a conscious state of mind, contact emergency services for help. If you are not highly injured, help yourself with first aid till any help arrives. In case people are stuck in the vehicle, avoid pulling them out as it may worsen a spinal injury, if there is any.
Many people seem normal after a crash but its effects are observed later. So it is recommended to wait for the emergency services to arrive and provide necessary help.
Eleanor Everet had once said - "For safety is not a gadget but a state of mind". We need to remember that safety should be our prime concern while driving. Warning boards along the roadside are meant for our safety. Drivers should consider it as their duty and follow the warning signs religiously. If we decide for ourselves what is right and what is wrong, we can definitely save ourselves from accidents and make driving a pleasurable experience.