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How to Smartly Plan Ahead when Selling Your Car

Car Wise
It’s not easy work selling a car nowadays, especially if it’s your first time. It depends on the number of cars like yours that are selling in the market and how much they are selling for, in addition to a lot of market factors.
You should always plan ahead because you’re not in for a one-day-job. Research indicates that it takes a professional car dealer to sell a used car about 60 days on average, and of course, it takes much longer for an inexperienced seller.
The selling process can be stressful; you’re constantly haggling with people over the price of your car, asking anyone to give you a price so you can know the right price for the car.
But it’s never going to be the right price because there’s no such thing, it’s always what they are prepared to give you in return for their interest in your car.
Careful planning will allow you to get a better, smoother, and a more financially-rewarding deal. There are many reasons to sell a car: wanting a bigger car for your family needs (if there’s a newborn), wanting to upgrade, financial difficulties, or personal reasons.
Let’s say you’re selling your car because you want to upgrade to a better one, if you don’t make good time in selling it, its market price will probably be decreasing as you are reading this, costing you a lot of money.
The market changes rapidly, and it’s hard to tell what’s going to happen next.
Before you put your car up for sale you should do the following:
Know the approximate market price for your car using certified websites or get it valuated at a trustworthy car agency.
Have your car cleaned inside and out… you don’t want people looking at it to be appalled by the look of it or thinking it is not well taken care of.
Get it checked on by a mechanic, change the engine oil, make sure there are no leaks, and that its computer system is working properly with no problems; this will get you more money than it costs.
Prepare all the paperwork for your car. Vehicle history, insurance, any warranties, any loan related papers.
Take good-looking pictures of the vehicle, get a description of all its specs ready, and post an ad on multiple places on the internet like social media, and any car trading websites you’re familiar with.
Keep in mind the lowest price you’d be willing to accept, then start haggling so you won’t end up refusing every offer you’re getting or not being sure.
Now you’re prepared to hit the market, meet potential buyers, and haggle it out for the best price you’ll get. Now you’re wondering: “what if my car doesn’t sell?!”
Of course at first everyone gets into it feeling optimistic and energized to get the deal done in a two days max. Stop. Come back to the real world. It might take you a while before you sell your car, but you shouldn’t lose all hope. Keep going and you’ll get to the right buyers eventually.
You should know that you must keep your car clean and shiny during the whole selling process, and keep topping the gas tank because those test drives aren’t going to fuel themselves.
And lastly, don’t forget to think like a buyer when you’re selling your car, of course, this may sound strange, but if you remember the way you were thinking when you were buying the car you are selling at the meantime you wanted to see certain things in it.
For example: Any buyer who comes long will expect the car to look fantastic (and that’s why it’s important to keep it clean and shiny) and like making sure the owner’s manual is available, having all extra keys, and being able to show service, maintenance, and repair records.
It’s also worth mentioning some of the key things that you liked so much about it. Keep those things in mind when you’re trying to sell your car.
Even when you plan it out in advance, selling your used car can be time consuming and might cost you a lot of extra time and cash at the end.
You can always get rid of all these time and money consuming interactions with potential buyers by visiting a car buying agency who can help you get your car sold in 30 minutes.
Offering you fair value and good customer service, all you have to do is: 1 - Book an appointment. 2 - Get your free valuation of your car. 3 - If you like the price, you can take the cash on the spot.
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