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How to Sell Your Car Privately

Omkar Phatak
If you are looking for suggestions on selling your car on your own, this story will be a helpful read. Here I provide some tips on selling it online or via conventional sales channels.
Selling any one of your personal possessions like a car and at a price you want, is no simple job. Most people prefer handing over their cars to dealerships for sale. However, while doing so, they lose money in commissions that must be paid.
As it is, a car's price always depreciates with time and with the added share to be paid as commission, the money you earn from the sale is even lesser. If you don't want to pay these commissions, you must be able to sell the car on your own.
Doing so will eliminate the middlemen that reduce your earning in a deal. You need to know how to market it in the used cars market, by approaching buyers directly. For this, you must explore all the conventional and unconventional sales channels. Before the sale, you need to research the going price for your car model.

Research Price

Evaluate the current condition of your car and try to determine a decent sales price, taking its age and depreciation rates into consideration. Talk to a local mechanic and ask him to give you a realistic valuation of your car. You could also find the selling price for your car model online. This will help you in determining a fair selling price for your car. If you hope to get a fair price, you need to spend a bit on its beautification and minor repair. It should look presentable and most importantly, it should be operational.

Some Useful Tips

The key to making a good sale is to advertise your product through as many channels as possible and sell it to the highest bidder. Here are some tips that may help you out.

Sell On Online Auctions Sites

One of the biggest online sales channels is eBay. You can literally auction any tangible item on this site. You could sell it online, by advertising it on this site. Buyers will bid on your item and you can decide the time frame for which bidding is allowed. You could also go for a direct sale at a fixed price. You will get to directly interact with prospective buyers for bargaining. eBay will provide you with a country wide base of used car buyers.

Advertise Through Online and Print Classifieds

Place an advertisement for your car sale on sites like Craigslist and in local print media. This will give you a lot of local, as well as country wide inquiries.

Spread the Word on Social Networking Sites

Another innovative selling option that could be added to the list of suggestions is advertising on social networking sites. Facebook, Twitter, or even MySpace are online mediums for spreading the word regarding your car's sale. You could also put out pamphlets and fliers regarding the sale of your car in the neighborhood.
At least one of these options should work out for you. This way, you will certainly earn more from the sale and pocket the share that you would normally pay a dealership.