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How to Replace Car Door Locks

Marlene Alphonse
There can be several times when the car door lock may not function properly. In such a case it needs to be replaced to prevent the car from being stolen. Let us take a look at the ways to replace car door locks, so that you can go about this task yourself, in case of an emergency.
Overuse or misalignment of the keys can render the car door lock to be useless, or out of function. Normally, the door lock on the driver's side gets dysfunctional easily, in comparison to other doors, owing to the fact that it is the most used.
Whatever be the reason for the malfunctioning of the lock, it needs to be replaced, lest it jeopardizes the safety of the car or its accessories. It better to be safe than sorry. So, if you are experiencing lock problems, get it replaced with the help of a locksmith or do it yourself.

Instructions for Replacing Car Door Locks

It is essential to replace a dysfunctional car door lock before it poses a threat to the safety of the car. Changing car door locks is not exactly a Herculean task, and can be done at home with the basic skills that everyone might possess.
  • Before getting to the task of replacing the car door lock, get the replacement from any car store and check if it matches the model of your car. Depending on the type and brand, the car door locks cost may vary. However, you can purchase the door lock at any car accessories store, or even online.
  • Once you have purchased the replacement, it's time to concentrate on removing the lock that is not working. With the help of a Phillips screwdriver remove the door panel and the armrest of the seat. The plastic cover and the screws, normally two, attaching the armrest to the seat should be removed.
  • If you car has power windows or door light (found in some car models), you need to disconnect the wires before getting to the task of replacing car door locks. For this, locate the power window regulator and unscrew the bolts with the help of a wrench. Follow the same for the door light and dismantle the door panel.
  • After dislodging the door panel, pry the plastic covers from the screws of the door handle and remove them using a simple screwdriver. This will free the interior door handle. Once the door handle swings free, you will notice a rod attached to the lock core.
  • The door handle assembly will be attached to the rod. Unscrew the bolts that are holding the rod and open the clip to free the door handle assembly. Disconnect the wires and electric connectors in the door and remove the lock rod from the door's latch.
  • Once the door has been completely detached, use pliers and push the plastic clip off the rod and pull it out of its hole. You will notice a C-spring clip holding the car door lock. To free the door lock, lift the spring by grabbing the top curve. Now the old lock can be easily removed from the door.
  • Fix the new lock and place the spring the same way in which it was attached to the old lock. Ensure that the grooves fit perfectly in the lock. Put the lock core in its place, and tighten it along with the snap ring and clip. Reassemble the door handle assembly into the door by connecting the rod.
  • Reconnect the rod with the help of the bolts to the lock core. Now fix the interior handle in its original place and fix the plastic cover. Replace the armrest and other parts dismantled from the car. Now, with the help of a screwdriver reinstall the door and check if all the screws, nuts and bolts are secure and in place.
By doing this task yourself, you can save approximately $100 . However, if you are unable to complete the task, then you can take the help of a car mechanic who will replace the car locks for a fee.